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Product Review: BlendidSA DIY smoothie packs

I love smoothies but I don’t make them as much as would like to. This is where Blendid comes in they offered to send me some of their DIY pre-frozen smoothie packs in celebration of my winning a nutribullet from Nature’s Frozen Garden, how could I resist. I’ve been following them for a while now and their products look amazing and are perfect for a (lazy girl) procrastinator like me.

I received 3 flavours the Hunger Pains which has Strawberries (my favourite fruit) and added Coconut Milk,  the Flu Fighter which is so appropriate for winter  and the Reward and they suggested dairy milk (as the liquid to add) and of course I had full cream milk with it and added chocolate chips and sprinkles on top it was delicious.

What I loved

All ingredients are pre packed making it easier for me. (no hassle to shop for fruits and veggies and better yet no chopping and peeling)

They also suggest what liquid to blend with which obviously makes it easier to know which liquid goes well with which pack and the flavour is not compromised.

One pack is enough for a meal replacement (for day that I’m in a rush) and even better that you can share it with someone else. After all sharing is caring

They have 20 flavours on offer and you know I love variety and I look forward the other 17.

Blendid is a family business and you know how much I love my own family. A company that values family gets an A+ from me.

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About Blendid

Blendid is a family owned and managed business looking to fill the gap between buying a Nutribullet and using one in order to fully capitalise on the benefits of nutrient extraction.


Instagram: Blendidsa

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