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Review: CrossFit at CrossFitSlam

Disclaimer: I received a free session in exchange for a blog post from CrossFit Slam

CrossFit has had a bad reputation since it came out however despite all that it is a trend that as stayed. Even August’s delightful Peep Cashe does it with her son and I just had to try it out after all it was number 5 on my 5 extreme but fun workouts to try out.

When I was doing my research on CrossFit I came across the post on Emma and Rose blog I needed to learn all I could before going into a box (CrossFit gym). However as soon as I walked I forgot everything I learnt and I’m surprised to say but I felt intimidated, I guess it was all the strapping they were putting on.Thankfully I quickly got over it there was a friendly group if people and I told them the truth I have never done CrossFit and I might be a fitness blogger but I’m not as fit as I “should be“. I think I enjoyed the class more because I was honest with myself and didn’t pretend to be tough and act like I know it all.

Warm-up was interesting we were placed in two teams of three and one team member got on this weird contraption called the Air Bike and had to spin and grind till they burned 15 calories. Guys I’ve never worked so hard to burn 15 calories. There is no standing around in this box while “waiting for your turn you did burpees. I thought I loved burpees but this coach has nothing on me.

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Then came the workout I need of course a tutorial as I had never done a “thrust” before. The only weights I’ve ever lifted are dumbbells and kettle-bells, the light ones. This motion combines carrying a bar and squatting then coming up straight and raising the bar over your head. Did I mention the coach loves burpees well he does because the next part was to do a burpees jump over a step. At the end I went for half a lap around the centre.

What I loved

  • I worked up a good sweat and burned over  45 calories in just the warm up.(excluding the burpees)
  • My perception of gym(CrossFit) people has been changed everyone was friendly and were encouraging me with hi fives and nods.
  • I got to challenge myself in a whole new way. I would never have done 65 burpees in one session (these are excluding the warm ones)
  • The sense of community is very visible.
  • I was able to try something new and do even better than I thought I could.

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I didn’t get to try some of the more famous CrossFit moves like tyre flip, battle ropes and box jump maybe at the next session. Each session (WOD) is planned out and written on a board for everyone to see.

About CrossFit 

It is a strength and conditioning program consisting mainly of a mix of aerobic exercise, calisthenics (body weight exercises), and Olympic weightlifting.

Question: Have you ever tried CrossFit? If yes how was it?

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  1. My husband is an avid cross fit fan. So interesting to hear a female voice on the topic

    • Thanks for stopping by. Hope you learned something and will give it a shot.

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