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Product review: GUM soft picks

Did you know that September is  National Oral Health Month?  I was excited when Ivo Health sent me a complimentary pack of 30 soft picks to review.They are the first and only curved interdental brush that mimic the natural shape of the jaw. I have sensitive teeth and gums and hardly use regular tooth picks so I was a little nervous about testing the soft  picks, but sometimes a toothbrush doesn’t reach tough remaining food.

It's National Oral Health month and I'm reviewing these #GUMSoftPicks

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About the product 

The innovative shape makes them super easy to use and helps reach every tooth – even those at the far back – leaving your mouth spotlessly clean.The tapered, rubber bristles gently dislodge food particles and plaque in small and large gaps between the teeth, whilst giving the gums a gentle micro-massage. Ever struggle with food  like popcorn, beans and meat, this product is for you.

They are designed to provide complete comfort, control and effective cleaning in-between.The soft, rubber bristles are gentle and safe, even for people with sensitive gums. They are ideal for anyone who finds flossing a fuss *don’t well all*  They are also ideal for cleaning orthodontics, bridges and implants.

What I loved 

  1. Free travel case- convenient to use on the go
  2. No splintering – made without metal, wood or latex
  3. Easy food and plaque removal
  4. Easily reaches all areas of the mouth- though I do encourage you use them with caution, I pushed a little too hard and it went right through the gap in my teeth.

The only thing that I didn’t like was that the soft picks bend and you have to  might use another one if you haven’t finished. Though the really good thing about that is that it doesn’t break in your teeth like a wooden tooth pick is likely to do. I do agree with Ivo Health that a healthy mouth equals a healthy body and am always looking to improve my overall health and well-being.

GUM Soft-Picks Advanced are available from Dis-Chem and leading pharmacies at a recommended retail price of R 89.95 (for a 30 pick pack with travel case included).

Disclaimer: I received complimentary GUM Soft-Picks but I was not compensated for my review. My opinions are honest and not biased.  

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