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Review: Fitbit Flex

I was previously using an app on my phone but it wasn’t very accurate and I didn’t take my phone to the bathroom with me so I wasn’t able to track those steps. So I decided to buy a Fitbit flex to better track my workouts. I love my Fitbit Flex especially the sleep tracker I get to see how well I slept and can make the necessary adjustments.   I bought it at Clicks SA.

What I track

I love tracking my water intake, calories burned, steps taken and distance covered. I recently started tracking the food I eat too on the app and it app also show the macronutrients I consumed.

The app

Sharing to social media is really easy. Someone mentioned to me recently that I’m a show off and I over share, so this and I if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my fitbit updates. I love sharing my progress and it’s showing off then I’m sorry. not.

You can also track your water, food, weight and the app also shows your macronutrients. (I don’t what they are either).

What I love

The sleep tracker– I love my sleep and I love knowing about the quality of sleep I’m having. I even have a reminder for when to go to bed and when a silent alarm to wake me.

The steps counter- Tracking my steps is more accurate now because I always have my fitbit on me unlike when I used my phone to track them. On the app I’m able to see my calories burned, distance covered and active minutes.

Fitbit challenges– I love being able to challenge my friends and see who will take the most steps. These really help me be more creative in the way I take more steps sees as most of the friends I challenge are runners, you know running and I are not friends but I still get my steps in. (The only thing is they have to Fitbit users too)

Weekly email- I love the weekly email because I get to see my progress in a detailed manner.

Badges- You also get badges when you do well in a challenge or achieve a certain landmark distance. 

Since December I've covered 563 km. Imagine if I was running #fitbit #stats #tracking

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What I don’t like

I don’t like is the exercise tracker it only tracks runs, walks and hike. I do zumba and yoga sometimes and I have to manually log in to site to track these workouts. You also have to be online on your phone when you for you to track your exercise #DataMustFall.

The Fitbit also came with two wristbands of two different sizes, frankly I thought this was silly. What am I supposed to do with a large sized wristband? I was lucky enough to have a friend who also had a Fitbit and was using the large wristband and so we swapped. It would have been a real waste if I hadn’t swapped with him. The wristbands are also not very strong. The blue one is already slowly falling apart.

Question: How do you track your workouts? Do you have a fitbit or any other wearable fitness tracker?

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Race Review: The MusicRun

I went to the very first South African edition of the Music Run, the loudest 5 km run. I had a such great time I had to share my experience.

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Delightful Peep of the Month’ Jan 2017

Meet  David Retief. He works for GetSavvi Health as an SEO specialist. They  provide South Africans with affordable medical insurance. He likes to keep fit, healthy and loves running.

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Race Review: Run Your Crew Joburg

The day I had been waiting for finally arrived Run Your Crew hosted by Adidas. This is my first night run and I pleased to say it did not disappoint.

Race pack collection

I thought it would  be difficult as I had to substitute a crew member. The substitution process was quiet simple and  went very smoothly. I loved the fact that we each got the correct size we ordered instead of One Size t-shirts or wrong sizes like at a few other races. I had finally decided the my blog name would be best for our crew name. It actually made for fun interactions with others runners along the route and at the block party.

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Delightful Peep of the Month- December 2016

Meet Chadd a technology recruiter and runner from Philly. Chadd has been only running for a few years but has a huge impact not only to his health but the lives of others. Read more about him below.


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