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Tag: Goals

Delightful Peep of the month: August’2017

I am Cashé Kidd and yes that is my real name. I am a tattooed, Jo’burg dwelling mom with a bit of a twist. I have a human son and two furry kids who come for dinner when I call them. I am married to a really tall, very supportive, really wonderful guy who just happens to tattoo exceptionally well. We collect antique furniture, books and music as well as embark on this wonderful healthy living business together.

Photography Courtesy of Bombshell Bettie Photography

Review: Pretty Lethal- Reebok Self-defense class

I saw on Instagram the other day that Reebok in collaboration with the fight club was offering free self-defense classes until the 19th of May available only in Joburg. Of course I had to try it out. As a woman living in South Africa knowing how to defend yourself is always handy. While I think men should be taught to respect women and control themselves, this is not an ideal world.

You will neverregret being kind.