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Dumbbells and Delights: Birthday Wishlist

So August 19th is my birthday I’m excited about this birthday not sure why. Every time I put it out “there’ that I want something I get it. Last year I wanted to try out the Lancome Foundation and I shared on my SM and my friends bought for me. I also won a nutribullet from Natures garden it’s been on my vision board for a while. Visualizing works 😉

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Review: My first #DDHike

Every Worker’s Day weekend for the last 2 years has been a hiking weekend, it all started with my 101 goals and has quickly become my favourite exercise. I’ve talked about it here and here.  So I thought it would be a great idea to include my readers in my favourite experiences and I planned an event via Facebook.

You will neverregret being kind.


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Review: Pretty Lethal- Reebok Self-defense class

I saw on Instagram the other day that Reebok in collaboration with the fight club was offering free self-defense classes until the 19th of May available only in Joburg. Of course I had to try it out. As a woman living in South Africa knowing how to defend yourself is always handy. While I think men should be taught to respect women and control themselves, this is not an ideal world.

You will neverregret being kind.

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Event: #Jozimeetup – The one about Beautifying your blog

I attended another bi- annual #jozimeetup. I was really looking forward to this meet up as I had missed the first meet up of the year. (I’ve only missed one meetup since it started). I love these events they are always a great way to catch up face to face with other bloggers.

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Black Excellence at RIO 2016

I’ve been watching the Olympics my whole life probably since Seoul1988 (I was 3) but  Sydney 2000 has stuck with me with Cathy Freeman making history by being the first Aborigine to win gold in 400 metres in her home country.  This being Women’s month I would love to celebrate the Women breaking down the sporting barriers. 

I’ve watched #RIO2016 with same excitement as always and seen once again significant history been made. I yelled at the screen, celebrated when my own country Zimbabwe ‘s Mighty Warriors scored their first ever goal at the Olympics against Germany. This was the first time any Zimbabwean soccer team had made to the Olympics (men or women).


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