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Dumbbells and Delights Posts

Delightful Peep of the month: Mar’2018

My name is Jordyn Muirhead; I started my Instagram channel about 2 years ago now. In school and for my first year out of school I went through certain things that really impacted the way I saw myself and treated myself. I didn’t think I was worthy of love from anyone, I didn’t love myself or treat my body with any sort of respect. I hardly ate, I did minimal exercise and it just led me into this viscous cycle of self-hate and mild depression. . I was also diagnosed with poly cystic ovary syndrome and was put on some artificial hormones which made a lot of my symptoms worse.



2017 Goal Recap

This post is deliberate I’m posting it in February not in January because this is the time that really matters. Stats show that by the 15th of Feb at least 80% of people will have dropped their goals, resolutions, intentions blah, blah, blah whatever word you choose to call them. I really doesn’t matter; after all it is things you want to do or get in your life. Anyway this is about my progress in 2017 or lack thereof.

2017 Recap