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2nd Quarter update- 2016

I really have to figure out which method works for tracking my goals and doing my life updates as this feels somewhat like dejavu.



I was approached by All4women and featured on their website as part of their series do check out Getting fit with Samantha


I started reading a new book, reviews to come up in a separate post.


I attended my friends’ wedding both the bride and groom are my friends. I attended a gift wrapping workshop and Panasonic Senseperince launch.


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Move Monday: Fitness Series

I was prepping for my exam this past week so I only managed to attend the free fit and a special class on Saturday.

Tuesday 10/05/2016 I went to the  Free fit camp and we had a 60 minute session.I do miss my zumba sessions and as it gets colder I’m gonna get back to my home workout sessions but right now this is good. I feel stronger. I came to 3255 minutes in total.


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I Completed the #wia100healthydays

On the 8th of October I completed my first well I am challenge.  I’m so proud of myself for sticking out. Though the end wasn’t as strong as the start I must confess. I did lose momentum somewhere along the way and seemed difficult  to stay consistent.  However to celebrate I went and did the #SparRaceJhb the beautiful race. I ran the 5 km and improved on my time finishing the race at 46:01, as my time at the first Spar I did was 62.01 min in 2011. My time might even have been faster if I hadn’t been taking selfies. 
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