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Review: BounceFit by BounceInc

Disclaimer: I received free entry in exchange for a blog post. However the opinions in this post are my own, honest and not influenced by BounceInc.

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I love to jump, I have posted several photos of me jumping. Brag moment I was a high and long jump champion in school. So when it came to trying out Number 4 on my post 5 extreme but fun workouts to try out trampolining was a no-brainer. I have mentioned that I’m not afraid of heights but I am afraid of falling.




Event: #Jozimeetup- the one about working with brands

I’ve attended just about every meetup that SA mom blogs has organised since the very beginning you can check out the previous posts here,  herehere and here. I think for me this had to be the most important. My goal for my blog this year is to earn some money from it and the focus of this meetup was just that: How to work with brands.



Review: 2016 Vision board

2016 has been a great year and I’m sure there are some awesome moments that I’ve missed but below is list of the things that I managed to accomplish on my vision board. After last year’s vision board success I just had to do it again.

2016 #Visionboard us done and already on my wall. #Visualizing #dreams #life #goal

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101 Goal update

This post is a little late but I realised I haven’t been actioning my goals as quickly as I would like. 

Goals completed 

22. Save money consistently – This is now a monthly practise and I have debit orders set up for everything I need to save.

50. Master a handstand away from a wall-  I seem to have many photos of me doing hand stands. 

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