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3rd Quarter of 2014

I started the well i am challenge and engaged quiet well on the instagram challenge. I went to see Mi-casa perform at Vaca Matta with some friends. I wrote a guest post for Chasing Joy where I am an official ambassador of the blog. Had some fun moments at Sunfit SA. 

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2nd Quarter of 2014


I helped my sisters organise a surprise birthday lunch for my mom’s 60th birthday which turned out better than I imagined, we even a lounge singer sing “Happy Birthday” to my mom. We also went to watch the Sound of Music  at the theatre with my mom as an extra birthday treat. I  did the Beautiful Body challenge and learned new things that I Love about my body and thanks to SunfitSA I’m continuing on the path of healthy living. We went out for girls night out and watched the hilarious movie “The Other Woman”.

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4th quarter of the year 2013

I finally got a  full time job after 15 months of searching profusely. I went to the Bier fest at Montecasino and sampled some beer. Found a coke with my name on it, isn’t it an amazing campaign. Learnt how to jungle two jobs. 
I went to the first ever Avon Colour Carnival and had wonderful time sampling makeup. My cousin Mitch came over from Zimbabwe and we got to hang out and catch up. Had game night with L and enjoyed lots of Wakaberry. Work

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2nd Quarter of 2013 Update

This year I’m working hard on being consistent with my blogging and keeping track of my goal list. I started the quarterly updates with collages of photos from the big events  in each month. Though when I look at the first quarter I see I haven’t done as much as the first as you can see on the link http://ebonydelights.blogspot.com/2013/04/1st-quarter-of-2013-update.html
I managed to get a photo with Gerard Butler(of the movie 300 fame) when he came to the premiere of “Olympus has Fallen” with Aaron Eckhart (Thank you for not smoking). I also met up with Celestine Chua a life coach and blogger at Personal Excellence. She lives in Singapore and was visiting South Africa for the first time and took the time to meet some of her readers.  I went to a networking event called Girl Geek Dinners in Sandhurst, though I might not be a geek I did enjoy myself and learn a great deal. I can’t wait for the next one in August. 
I wrote a product review for Gift out of the Box. Got some part time work from many different sources. I went on the Jozi Red bus tour twice and got opportunity to explore the City of Johannesburg and learn of its amazing mining history. I also went to Mini Cooper- Paceman launch in Sandton. During the Red Bus tour I completed  goal without even being aware of it goal 37. Visit a local museum. I completed this goal when I visited Museum Africa at Stop 9 Newtown Precinct. I wrote my first paid article for a separate blog. Yes writing does pay after all. I read Gordon Ramsay’s autobiography Humble Pie which turned out to be very enlightening. I had lots of amazing dates with “L” which included game nights, movie nights and Sunday dinners at my place. Seems like I’ve lost the winning streak I had last year I haven’t won any competition that I’ve entered this year. 
It has been a fairly warm winter or maybe I’m now used to South African winters. I went to friend’s bridal shower. I went to the Revlon SA launch where they unveiled Bonang Matheba as their newest brand ambassador and I did the photo blog for City Sightseeing. I’ve made some changes to my blog, some more subtle than others, with the most obvious change being the discontinuation of the “Delightful Peep of the Month” series. I’ve struggled to maintain the series and decided to cancel it all together. Potential participants were unreliable. blog has taken a new turn and will be now open to more product reviews, sponsored posts and advertising. I’ve continued with my reading challenge reading the books rather slowly as I’m only at 15 out of 40 novels. 


I haven’t blogged much lately

I haven’t been blogging much lately mostly because the procrastination bug was affecting me. I’ve also been having a lot of fun (OK this is a lame excuse, i know) but I’ve been going out a lot, 


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