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2017 Vision-board and goals

Now that the dust has settled and the New Year celebration hype is over. It’s time to get to work on the dreams and goals. Over the last two years I’ve had a vision-board and they have worked for my about 65% of the time. This year I want my current vision board to work for me even more but I’ve noticed that I get lost in the details of planning. I write and write but there’s never any clarity or specifics and there’s way toooo many lists that are all over the place.

Perfect example is my video sharing my 2017 goals and vision-board. I noticed most of what I left out when I was editing it.  Here’s even a better one I have a journal for everything from prayer, fitness, gratitude, blog and daily planner). I’m clearly a master at planning but not at acting out the plan.

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2nd Quarter update- 2016

I really have to figure out which method works for tracking my goals and doing my life updates as this feels somewhat like dejavu.



I was approached by All4women and featured on their website as part of their series do check out Getting fit with Samantha


I started reading a new book, reviews to come up in a separate post.


I attended my friends’ wedding both the bride and groom are my friends. I attended a gift wrapping workshop and Panasonic Senseperince launch.


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Goals for December and November recap

November Goals Recap

  1. Begin buying Christmas presents-I bought all the presents for my family.

2. Purchase my ticket- I bought my bus ticket for my trip to Zimbabwe but I’m yet to decide on a return date.

3. Finish all projects- I cleared out my tray at work and made sure I have nothing pending.

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Goals for November and October Recap

October Goals Recap

  1. Create a new schedule for the summer- Looks like I’ll be a bit busy this summer, parties, dinners and packing. 
  2. Work on new blog ideas- fitness focused posts – I haven’t blogged any of the ideas but I’ve made some drafts in my notes. Will publish them soon, I hope 🙂 
  3. Begin study sessions- I still haven’t received the study material so I will push this to November
  4. Write one new chapter of novel- I did a bit of writing but I don’t think it was enough for a chapter. 
  5. Go on vacation- I went to Mabalingwe lodge in Limpopo and had such an amazing time.IMG_20151110_144156[1]

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Goals for October and September Recap

This post is late but I’m so grateful I had a chance to work and accomplish my goals.

September Goals Update

1. Attend the second book blogger event of the year- Completed successfully and you can read about it here


Panelists of the night

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