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2nd Quarter update- 2016

I really have to figure out which method works for tracking my goals and doing my life updates as this feels somewhat like dejavu.



I was approached by All4women and featured on their website as part of their series do check out Getting fit with Samantha


I started reading a new book, reviews to come up in a separate post.


I attended my friends’ wedding both the bride and groom are my friends. I attended a gift wrapping workshop and Panasonic Senseperince launch.


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Goals for September and August goal update

August Goals (Update)

1. Celebrate my birthday through out the month – I’m not as excited about my birthday as I was last year : My birthday ended up being so much better than I expected.  I’m grateful for my 30th birthday and look forward to many more.

This is 30

This is 30

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Move Monday- Fitness Series

Here’s the second edition of Move Monday. I’m really working on staying motivated for my home workouts.

Monday 25/05/2015 workout was Taebo 45 minutes coming to 2228 minutes. This was my first Taebo workout and I really enjoyed. It didn’t seem as difficult as I had anticipated. It felt like a kickboxing class. 


Friday  29/05/2015 bought a 2 kg kettlebell  and did a 35 minutes using a video by Bodyfit Amy I thought it was too light but my body is still sore. I have to check my form and correct it., I don’t want any injuries. It came to  2263 minutes


 Saturday 30/05/2015 workout was almost 2.5 km walk to the mall. I took me about 35 minutes and the hot sun made it difficult to concentrate. I need to get earphones so I can listen to motivational stuff while I walk or run.

Sunday 31/05/2015 workout was a 3 km walk to church it took me about 35 minutes an improvement from last week’s walk probably because I thought i was going to be late.  coming to 2333 minutes of 10950 minutes still behind as I need to be in +4000 minutes at this time of the year.

This week was I lazy at the beginning of it and then towards the end of the week I got busy and couldn’t do real workouts. Lets see what I can do this coming week.

101 goals (V2.0) update

Wow, it’s been a while since I started my second 101 goal list but I haven’t done a goal check-in. I’ve really been focused on getting things done that I didn’t notice that I actually I’ve accomplished a few things. Here’s my first update.

Completed Goals

24. Migrate my blog to WordPress

I had been wanting to move my blog to WordPress for a while and even struggled the first times to actually use it. I however was successful this time and have changed the name and focus of my blog. The blog will remain a way to get things done after all a healthy body is a healthy mind.

blog screen

29. Improve my running time from 48 min to 38 min for 5 km.

I’m really excited about this goal because I’m not a fan of running but I chose to challenge myself in this discipline as I was an athlete back in high school and knew I would excel. I set to improve my time to 38 minutes and managed after 4 serious training sessions to do 36:45 minutes

My race stats

My race stats

46. Volunteer my time to my church

I have am a firm believer in helping others and I signed up to volunteer at my church. This will obviously be a continuous goal as I will be going to church and serving in the different teams available to me.

Volunteer team

* Goals In progress
12. Get my Junior Bookkeeping Certificate by June 2015*


I am on track with goal as my last exam is on the 12th of May and I have written and passed 3 of the subjects I have already written. I’m really excited about how well I’ve been excelling  that I’ve decided to take on the second part of the course Senior Bookkeeping for me to complete by October 2016.

21. Save money- have R 30 000 in the bank*

Will be reaching this amount soon, however most of the savings are to be directed towards goal 40.

40. Get my own car*

My deposit has been increasing slowly each month. I’m over R 25 000 probably enough for a pre-pre- loved car but I don’t want a skorokoro.

47. Start a life group for women*

I have started the life group through my church and I will check it off my list once we start meeting more than once a month and have regular members attending.

49. Listen to podcasts for motivation and ideas*

I listen to podcasts while I study instead of music. I’m not yet where I want to be with this goal.

54. Finish writing my novel*

I managed to write one new chapter, how ever I keep self-editing and this is hindering my progress. I’m working on increasing the time I spend working on my novel.

I haven’t completed as many goals as I would love to but I’m making great progress this time round.  I still need to finish compiling the list of goals here on my blog it’s in my note book.

Goals complete: 007/101

Goals in progress: 008/101

4th quarter of 2014

My sisters were visiting and we went out to Sway and later had an amazing joint birthday celebration. I completed the well I am challenge successfully.  I did the Spar Women’s race and improved my running time over 5 km distance. I went to Sun City as part the travel goals on my 101/1001 goal list.
I continued with fitness challenges as I took “A new weigh health challenge”. I wrote my first exam of my Junior Bookkeeping  course. My sister and I went to the second Jozi meetup and learned a great about blogging safely and the power of re-branding. This blogger meetup has influenced my decision to re-brand. Changes will be visible in a couple of months of course.

I attended a friend’s birthday dinner. Had an amazing Christmas carols night at church. We closed work for the holiday season and I went to Zimbabwe (my home country) for 2 weeks, the longest I’ve spent since leaving in 2008. Though I didn’t get to hangout with everyone that I had planned to hang out with I still had a great time, catching up with my mom and sisters. I also caught up on my summer reading.

My luggage
Driving in Zim

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