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Movie review : Eddie the eagle

I ended up watching this movie by default. The movie I wanted to watch had started at a much earlier time. I wasn’t really expecting much; after all it was yet another sports movie but the movie slowly wiggled its way into my heart.

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Terminator- Genisys: Movie Review

I rate this movie 5 out 5. that’s a first. I recently watched Terminator: Genisys in larger-than-life IMAX 3D. Oh wow, what an experience. 3D is great but the surround sound and the gigantic screen makes it even more worth while. My thoughts on the movie Arnie is back!!! I’m an action fan through and through so I totally enjoyed the movie. Awesome stunts, witty comebacks and stuff blowing up. I don’t remember the other 4 Terminator movies I mean seriously the first one came out before I was born in 1984, but that doesn’t take away from this movie. You can watch it and connect with it immediately. Arnie has grown old and so has the Terminator he’s character. One of my favourite scenes is when Sarah Connor is driving a school bus across the Golden Gate bridge and the bus flips over.

About the movie 

Courtesy of IMDb not giving away much you just have to see it for yourself. John Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect Sarah Connor, but when he arrives in 1984, nothing is as he expected it to be.

Director:Alan Taylor

Event: Imax Theatre Launch

IMG_2634 I attended the opening of Ster-Kinekor’s fifth IMAX® theatre that took place at its cinema complex at Ster-Kinekor Cradlestone Mall, west of Johannesburg. Which happens to be FIRST IMAX THEATRE IN JOHANNESBURG.


Popular 947 presenter, Anele Mdoda, was the MC for the IMAX launch and certainly got the crowd going!


The opening of this IMAX theatre follows the success of The IMAX Experience® at four other Ster-Kinekor sites that have opened during the past year and a half. These include Gateway in Durban, The Grove Mall in Pretoria, Cape Gate in Cape Town, and Baywest Mall in Port Elizabeth that opened in mid-June, as the country’s leading cinema chain continues to bring ‘Great Moments at their Greatest’ to its audiences.


One of the cinemas at Cradlestone Mall has been transformed to accommodate the impressive floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall IMAX screen and superior acoustical treatment. The design of the auditorium and the seating layout ensures a thrilling IMAX experience at every screening, while the cutting-edge, dual-projection system delivers crystal-clear images. Coupled with its customised theatre design and powerful digital sound system, IMAX creates a unique cinema environment that makes audiences feel as if they are in the film.

Mr John Sikiotis, Managing Executive of Ster-Kinekor Theatres, outlines the cinema chain’s plans with regards to IMAX

Mr John Sikiotis, Managing Executive of Ster-Kinekor Theatres, outlines the cinema chain’s plans with regards to IMAX

Fans of IMAX who are based in Johannesburg will be pleased to know that the next IMAX build will also be on their doorstep. “The IMAX Experience® takes viewing a film to the next level.” Sikiotis


Ster Kinekor also treated us to supper and tons of photo opportunities with props and “Arnie”. Strange thing I didn’t notice how gigantic the screen was until Anele (the MC) mentioned it. Guess I’ve been to an IMAX theatre in my dreams.

Thanks @Sterkinekor for the awesome movie experience and with such a brilliant movie. Review coming up soon.

Funny Movie Line Series VI

“Isn’t it ironic my life sucks and my vacuum cleaner doesn’t’ #DeviousMaids

“I’ll skin your tattoos off and hang them on the wall”

“Cry on the inside like a winner” ~ #TheOtherWoman

Funny Movie Line Series V

“If you’re going to kill yourself then have the decency to do it after rush hour” 

I’ve solved more crimes than I can count, not because I can’t count really high but because I’ve really solved that many crimes.” #Psych

“Good things come to those who wait, unless you’re on Death Row.”

“I wanna show them I’m sincere but I haven’t go to that part in my acting class.”  #Will and Grace.  

“We all loved him like a brother” Reply: “You’ve heard of Cain & Abel, right?” -#The Mentalist

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