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Movie review : Eddie the eagle

I ended up watching this movie by default. The movie I wanted to watch had started at a much earlier time. I wasn’t really expecting much; after all it was yet another sports movie but the movie slowly wiggled its way into my heart.

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Terminator- Genisys: Movie Review

I rate this movie 5 out 5. that’s a first. I recently watched Terminator: Genisys in larger-than-life IMAX 3D. Oh wow, what an experience. 3D is great but the surround sound and the gigantic screen makes it even more worth while. My thoughts on the movie Arnie is back!!! I’m an action fan through and through so I totally enjoyed the movie. Awesome stunts, witty comebacks and stuff blowing up. I don’t remember the other 4 Terminator movies I mean seriously the first one came out before I was born in 1984, but that doesn’t take away from this movie. You can watch it and connect with it immediately. Arnie has grown old and so has the Terminator he’s character. One of my favourite scenes is when Sarah Connor is driving a school bus across the Golden Gate bridge and the bus flips over.

About the movie 

Courtesy of IMDb not giving away much you just have to see it for yourself. John Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect Sarah Connor, but when he arrives in 1984, nothing is as he expected it to be.

Director:Alan Taylor

100 Foot Journey: Movie Review

In celebration of Women’s month Ster kinekor hosted a number of lady bloggers at their Sandton state of the art Cine Prestige. The cinema offers luxury at its best with large comfortable reclining seats and a place to keep your drinks cool as you enjoy the movie. Word has it that you will never want to watch a movie in the normal cinema. 
Seat reclined

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Movies I Love

I’m a serious movie lover and there’s certain movies that I can happily watch over and over again and even some that I wish I starred in. Some movies even feel like some thing I could have dreamt up (more wishful thinking kikiki). 

Bridget Jones Diary- I can’t wait for the 3rd part. 


Sound of music- The hills are alive with the  sound of music(need I say more).
Johnny English- Rowan Atkinson trying to be like Bond and clumsily succeeding.
Desperado- Antonio Banderas before he turned into a puss.
Tarzan by Disney- Love the soundtrack.
James Bond movies – I think this is OBVIOUS.

Indiana Jones- Harrison Ford never loses his hat in all 4 films in even after being chased by a boulder and washed down a waterfall. 
Love Actually- British movies are just too hilarious now imagine all my favourite British stars in one movie :).
Sister Act- Nothing you can do to take me away from a good laugh.
The Mummy- gripping adventure in ancient Egypt and Brandon Frasier.
Die hard- Some serious action in these movies. 
The Expendables- My favourite action heroes in one movie though I wish Samuel L Jackson was in one of them and Jean Claude Van Damme wasn’t a baddie in the sequel. 
Jurassic Park- Dinosaurs and people in the same time and space. This movie has some serious special effects.
Independence day- I had to mention an alien movie, though Will Smith is a good reason to enjoy it. (any Will Smith movie actually)
Feels likes there’s a lot more movies I love but these few made the cut.

What are you all time favourite movies?? 

Magic Mike- Movie Review

Having seen a live show and even received a lap dance at one point in my life, read about it here I had to watch this movie with Channing Tatum as a male stripper.  I wanted to see if there’s anything else I could have missed and of course simply drool over such hotness. The story line was rather bland and the ending was all wrong. I also did enjoy seeing Matthew McConaughey without a shirt and even strip down to even less than I can describe. If you wanna have a fun time with your girls this is the movie to watch. 


Would you go to a male strip club??

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