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BBB and Strong by Zumba launch

Planet Fitness has 2 new classes to offerBrazilian Booty Blast (butt shaping & firming) and STRONG Zumba (strength, tone and endurance).  A few weeks ago I got to try out them both and I felt it days after the workout.


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Event: Panasonic Senseperience

A couple of days ago I attended the Panasonic Senseperience 2016 event at the Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg. It was an expo demonstrating Panasonic’s extensive product range, an opportunity to experience first-hand, how Panasonic’s world-class products enable consumers to see more, hear more, feel more, and taste more. I loved the tagline “You deserve better”


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Event: Imax Theatre Launch

IMG_2634 I attended the opening of Ster-Kinekor’s fifth IMAX® theatre that took place at its cinema complex at Ster-Kinekor Cradlestone Mall, west of Johannesburg. Which happens to be FIRST IMAX THEATRE IN JOHANNESBURG.


Popular 947 presenter, Anele Mdoda, was the MC for the IMAX launch and certainly got the crowd going!


The opening of this IMAX theatre follows the success of The IMAX Experience® at four other Ster-Kinekor sites that have opened during the past year and a half. These include Gateway in Durban, The Grove Mall in Pretoria, Cape Gate in Cape Town, and Baywest Mall in Port Elizabeth that opened in mid-June, as the country’s leading cinema chain continues to bring ‘Great Moments at their Greatest’ to its audiences.


One of the cinemas at Cradlestone Mall has been transformed to accommodate the impressive floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall IMAX screen and superior acoustical treatment. The design of the auditorium and the seating layout ensures a thrilling IMAX experience at every screening, while the cutting-edge, dual-projection system delivers crystal-clear images. Coupled with its customised theatre design and powerful digital sound system, IMAX creates a unique cinema environment that makes audiences feel as if they are in the film.

Mr John Sikiotis, Managing Executive of Ster-Kinekor Theatres, outlines the cinema chain’s plans with regards to IMAX

Mr John Sikiotis, Managing Executive of Ster-Kinekor Theatres, outlines the cinema chain’s plans with regards to IMAX

Fans of IMAX who are based in Johannesburg will be pleased to know that the next IMAX build will also be on their doorstep. “The IMAX Experience® takes viewing a film to the next level.” Sikiotis


Ster Kinekor also treated us to supper and tons of photo opportunities with props and “Arnie”. Strange thing I didn’t notice how gigantic the screen was until Anele (the MC) mentioned it. Guess I’ve been to an IMAX theatre in my dreams.

Thanks @Sterkinekor for the awesome movie experience and with such a brilliant movie. Review coming up soon.

Lipidol- new preventative skincare range

Last week Wednesday I was in Cape Town  for the launch Lipidol in South Africa, Union Swiss the makers of Bio oil a product that is favoured by many South Africans  and I myself use and is also  available in 80 other countries. What I particularly liked was the thinking behind the process of even selecting the packaging of the product. Union Swiss wants nothing to come in between the consumer and the product, which is why the different shaped bottles are Clear and come in clear  wrapper and not a box. Though there’s more to love about these products like this being  preventative skincare product, affordable and available exclusively at Clicks stores across the country for only  R 79,95 each.



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Book Launch: Susan Lewis – Never Say Goodbye

This year I’ve looking to read new authors and recently had a chance to go to a book launch it turned out to be bestselling author Susan Lewis. She was launching her novel titled Never say goodbye. I didn’t know who she was until a few ago. She’s been labelled as the “Jodi Picoult” of the UK due to the similar writing style. 

 I love how she took the time to share about her experiences as a writer and her desire to have one of her books turned into a movie. 

NEVER SAY GOODBYE- the latest book

 She’ s written over thirty novels as you can see in the picture above. I’ve just started reading one her most famous books Don’t Let Me Go and I’m enjoying so far. 

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