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How to love your body more

Recently someone complimented my legs and I proceed to acknowledge that I had great legs and they are. I was not shy to acknowledge the fact as well as accept the compliment. They seemed a bit shocked at about my response, which got me thinking about how easy it is to forget to love yourself. Here are a few tips to get over that and get you not only loving your body but be able to accept compliments with ease. (I love being showered with compliments)

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Race Review: #Discovery947run

I went to the very first edition of the #Discovery947run  I had a such good time I had to share my experience.

Disclaimer: I received free entry into the #Discovery947run

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My Birthday 2013

Just a few highlights of my birthday. 

I got some really awesome presents this year which ranged from perfume to panties. Even the dress I was wearing at dinner on the night of my birthday was a present. 

I didn’t have cake this year instead I had ice cream. 

Event: Winter Party 2013

On Saturday the 13th of July my church City Life church hosted a winter party in Lonehill Park. It was free all to attend and experience the winter festivities which included free hot chocolate, sliding down the Avalanche ski slope, a chance to climb the largest inflatable rock climbing mountain and lots of other fun stuff for the children. Why is a church in Joburg doing such a thing you might ask. Well the answer is simply this “Show the city who Jesus is”. I was one of the 200 volunteers who helped make this event a success.


The community was given an opportunity to donate to a special cause to the Elroi Baby Home who had a stand in the Lonehill Park. Elroi Baby Home is a non-profit organisation which relies on donors to take care of babies aged between 10 weeks and 2 year old. 

If you would to donate please contact their Baby Care Manager Nicole at nicolegillette@gmail.com or you can visit their website for more information www.refilwe.org.


It’s The Most Wonderful time of the year.

December has to be the most wonderful time of the year with everyone coming together, delicious food piling up and things winding down. I’m excited my sister Lola and niece Tanaka are here already and my other sister Stephanie will be coming two days before Christmas something that has become our Christmas tradition.To show my excitement for the Holidays I’ve already bought my Christmas presents and wrapped them.

This is a time to reflect over past year and prepare for the new one. I’ve had some difficult times in 2012 losing a job only four months after getting it. I did however also enjoy my 2012 because I got to do some adventurous things, worked on my goals, learnt new things about myself, new traditions and of course made new friends. 

What was 2012 like for you as a whole??
What are your Holiday traditions??

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