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5 tips for staying fit while travelling

Travelling is really great but it tends  to mess up your routines with so many variables at play, this however doesn’t mean you should slack on your fitness journey.  In September I travelled quite a bit; the first trip messed my routine but by the second trip I had learned a few things. Below is my 5 tips for staying fit while travelling, I hope they come in handy.

5 tips for staying fit

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5 benefits of working out from home

I’ve been exercising from home for the last two or three years. The other week I shared my list of 5 YouTube channels I use at home. Continuing on that path I realised that working out from home might a bit challenging but there are some amazing benefits that I’ve discovered; which might help you stay inspired.

5 Benefits of working outfrom home

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5 YouTube channels I use for my home workouts

I’ve been working out from home consistently for the last 2 years and I’ve lasted this long because of a few great resources.Honestly will power is not enough, there has to be other driving elements. I get asked all the time what I use and while I have a few workout plans on paper I find videos work best for me, having someone cheer you on when you work out is always great even if its through the TV. Below is my top 5 fitness channels.

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Workout made fun: There is power in numbers

Like they say “there’s power in numbers”. I have found this out for myself in the last few months by working out with sisters Samantha and Sandy. When you’ve got someone else with you it’s so much easier to start something new. Below are 5 reasons why two is better than one.

Workout made fun

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How to sleep better

As I get older I realise how much more I need my sleep and just how it’s important for me to get a good night’s sleep but it seems to be more difficult to sleep though. I’m sharing with you a few tips that I’ve tried and have found to work for me and I hope will work for you too.

Sleep is a wonderful thing…Sleep restores the body and soul….it is a vital part of being dynamic.

Make your bed room a sleep sanctuary –Create the perfect environment that will enable you to sleep well. It can be anything like sprinkling baby powder in between your sheets- you know the saying sleep like a baby well that works. Make sure the room is not too hot or too cold. Also check your sleeping position or your bed (you might need a low profile bed or firmer bed especially if you have back problems).    pexels-photo-26139

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