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Delightful Peep of the Month- April’2017

Meet Robynn she is a mom, zumba instructor and a social entrepreneur  I met Robynn in 2014 when I was attending the SunfitSA classes at Montecasino, she was one of our Zumba instructors. She’s bubbly and energetic. I just love her smile and her passion for life and people, but let me not ramble on.

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Delightful Peep of the Month- Mar’2017

Meet Cara, she is a health blogger, fitness enthusiast, wellness coach, health foods producer and founder of the Caralishious brand. With 17 years of dancing behind her, Cara has first-hand experience in sports nutrition, body conditioning, Pilates, healthy eating and holistic living. After overcoming years of struggle in her relationship with food and body image, it is now her passion to help heal others. “I understand the dangers of deprivation, fad- dieting and over-exercising” says Cara, “because I’ve been there. I want to teach people how to eat with a deep sense of peace, enjoyment and gratitude by choosing nourishing foods that will promote a healthy happy body and mind. “Creating my blog and my health foods range has enabled me to heal deeply, and together these elements now forge a platform through which I am able to inspire and encourage health and healing in others too”.

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Delightful Peep of the month’ Feb 2017

Meet Ben Karpinski he is a sports blogger, MC, copy writer, house DJ and so much more . I met Ben at the Adidas Boosts Bloggers Day he was one of the speakers of the day. He had so much to teach on the subject of blogging about sport, I had to pick his brain some more.

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Delightful Peep of the Month’ Jan 2017

Meet  David Retief. He works for GetSavvi Health as an SEO specialist. They  provide South Africans with affordable medical insurance. He likes to keep fit, healthy and loves running.

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Delightful Peep of the Month- December 2016

Meet Chadd a technology recruiter and runner from Philly. Chadd has been only running for a few years but has a huge impact not only to his health but the lives of others. Read more about him below.


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