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2017 Vision-board and goals

Now that the dust has settled and the New Year celebration hype is over. It’s time to get to work on the dreams and goals. Over the last two years I’ve had a vision-board and they have worked for my about 65% of the time. This year I want my current vision board to work for me even more but I’ve noticed that I get lost in the details of planning. I write and write but there’s never any clarity or specifics and there’s way toooo many lists that are all over the place.

Perfect example is my video sharing my 2017 goals and vision-board. I noticed most of what I left out when I was editing it.  Here’s even a better one I have a journal for everything from prayer, fitness, gratitude, blog and daily planner). I’m clearly a master at planning but not at acting out the plan.

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Delightful Peep of the month’ Feb 2017

Meet Ben Karpinski he is a sports blogger, MC, copy writer, house DJ and so much more . I met Ben at the Adidas Boosts Bloggers Day he was one of the speakers of the day. He had so much to teach on the subject of blogging about sport, I had to pick his brain some more.

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Delightful Peep of the Month : Oct’ 16

Meet Sharon a wife, mother of two, account Sharon_Transformation-17manager , runner and a blogger at The Blessed Barrenness living in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Sharon wears many hats and with a full life she manages to stay focused on her health. She loves to run so naturally I admire her and anyone else who loves to run without being chased.  I just had to find out more about her and how she does it. 

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Event: #Jozimeetup – The one about Beautifying your blog

I attended another bi- annual #jozimeetup. I was really looking forward to this meet up as I had missed the first meet up of the year. (I’ve only missed one meetup since it started). I love these events they are always a great way to catch up face to face with other bloggers.

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Event: Jozimeetup (The one on Beautiful Living)

This last Saturday I attended another #jozimeetup for bloggers. a “Beautiful Living” theme. Laura and Heather the event organisers had drinks and snacks for us to have on arrival. Our beautiful name tags placed on our chairs with the goodie bags with programmes listing the day’s speakers and their topics.

Learning all about illusion dressing at #jozimeetup

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Tricks to Illusion dressing by Natassja Petersen

In this talk she showed several different items of clothing and how to wear them for your body shape and to consider your personality when dressing. I loved the talk as it was informative and interactive. It really got me thinking about how I dress the message I send out with something so simple as my outfit. I didn’t take notes though Gumtree provided really cool stationery. I really wanted to engage and listen.

Words that stuck with me were:

Clothes with strong shoulders a great if your shoulders are the widest part of your body.
Peplum cut is great hiding the tummy area
Statement accessories go a long way.
Don’t shy away from bright colours – love this one

Next was Marcia Francois who was talking about creating a beautiful life
I spent the previous week checking out her blog organising queen so I knew it would be a good talk.
Live intentionally- it takes courage to live an intentional life though.
Make time for things that matter to you- because whatever you spend the most time on is what is truly important to you.
Have values and things that you don’t compromise on
If you don’t have sit down and think about it and create them.

The final speaker was Melanie Frost from Mio skincare SA was talking about Skin care in winter. Who doesn’t want beautiful skin all year round,  this topic was appropriate as winter is upon us.Things I took from the talk:

If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?

We can get back elasticity in skin care as it is made possible by technology.

Awesome SponsorsGumtree @gumtreecoza did you see the lovely name tags. First time seeing my new blog name on print
Mama mio @MamaMioSa
Amway @AmwaySa

What I wore at the #jozimeetup

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I loved the socialness and friendliness of the first meetup, the venue and set up of the second meetup and the speakers and programme of this meetup, the third one. I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to chat to everyone as I had another event to attend.

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