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Dumbbells and Delights: Birthday Wishlist

So August 19th is my birthday I’m excited about this birthday not sure why. Every time I put it out “there’ that I want something I get it. Last year I wanted to try out the Lancome Foundation and I shared on my SM and my friends bought for me. I also won a nutribullet from Natures garden it’s been on my vision board for a while. Visualizing works 😉


Review: BounceFit by BounceInc

Disclaimer: I received free entry in exchange for a blog post. However the opinions in this post are my own, honest and not influenced by BounceInc.

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I love to jump, I have posted several photos of me jumping. Brag moment I was a high and long jump champion in school. So when it came to trying out Number 4 on my post 5 extreme but fun workouts to try out trampolining was a no-brainer. I have mentioned that I’m not afraid of heights but I am afraid of falling.




Review: EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) Training at Bodytec

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called 5 extreme but fun workouts to try and I decided to try out the workouts for myself and see just how fun they might actually. I started with EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) *definition below* which is number 3 on the list. I booked in advance and I loved that they not only confirmed my booking but called me to remind and even sent me on the day an email with a reminder to eat something before the session to be hydrate throughout the day.


5 extreme but fun workouts to try out

For those who know me or have been reading my blog for a while know I’m not a fan of running. Now before you get confused I do occasionally do a 5 km fun run such the music the Music Run Rock the run, Muddy princess and even parkrun, emphasis on FUN. Simply because I’m obsessed with the sense of community you feel when you go running and the fun I usually have.


Review: Adidas Body Brunch

My goal to do yoga once a week this year started off this past weekend with a great class hosted by Cara-Lisa Sham from Caralishious. I’ve wanted to attend one of her classes for a while since I missed out on an opportunity when we got rained out at Fit Night Out.  I was excited when I entered a competition on Instagram and won a free entry for me and a friend to the first Adidas Body Brunch hosted by Cara-Lisa herself.