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Samantha Dube

Samantha Dube

My name is Samantha and I am  working on becoming the best sister, daughter, aunt, sports fan,  and the best citizen of the World that I can possibly be. I am fun, loving,  passionate, protective, straightforward and loyal. For the past 8 years I’ve been residing in South Africa. This blog has been the greatest tool I’ve used to make my life and the lives of others around me better. I started with a simple goal challenge and I’ve managed to accomplish so much more.

I’ve always been very active since I was about four years old.  In school I was involved in athletics, hockey, handball. I was even awarded ‘female athlete of the year’ in primary school.I signed up for my first belly dance class in 2009 and have  not stopped looking for ways to stay healthy and active.

I use this blog as more than just a creative outlet, I use it as a way to measure my growth and stay inspired.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy reading this blog as I share my life experiences.

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  1. Mo

    Awesome stuff Sammy. Really great x

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