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Delightful peep of June’2018

Meet Patience Mushaya better known as Peshy.ย  She’s one of the fiercest women I know and she’s passionate about fitness and fashion.


  1. Tell us about yourself – Iam a wife and mom of two kids my son aged 13 and daughter 3, I’m also an aspiring personal trainer and I run an online boutique called Fabulous You.

ย 2. What is the #FitFabmom moment all about?ย – is a movement where we are trying to get moms to exercise and use whatever that is available to them. We’ve been running bootcamps with simple equipment like tires and jump ropes.


3. How did you get into fitness? I was overweight for a long time and I wasn’t happy with my self, in my marriage, I was a grumpy mom and I decided to change my lifestyle and my food for the enrichment of my family. I also joined the gym and I signed up with a personal trainer trainer who introduced me to weights which I fell in love with and have been working out ever since.

4. When do you get to exercise during your day-to-day routine? – Between schools runs, home work and deliveries/collections for my businessย  I always find at least 30 minutes to hour to do something. Whether it’s at home or at the gym or even when my son is playing soccer. My schedule is very fluid so I have to make the time to exercise.

5. What tips would you give to someone who is trying to lose weightย ?- What’s important is to do what you love, whether you love running, walking or going to the gym, at the end of the day is all about doing what you love because that is the only way it can be sustainable otherwise if you join the gym because other people are going to the gym after a few months you’re gonna lose interest and nothing is going to work.ย  I also think that you should change the way you eat if you can; not necessarily going too much out of your way. For starters I would recommend portion control and as time goes on you can incorporate other healthy foods and habits. I wouldn’t recommend for someone to completely change their diet say you were eating pap then all of a sudden you’re eating veggies only, you will get bored and it can be taxing you. It’s better to start with what you have and where you are.



6. Where do you see the #FitFabmovement going the near future?– I really want to focus on introducing weights to women and create an environment that is not intimidating for women to lift weights, while breaking the myth that weight-lighting is for men only. We want to have fitness marshals who will help the ladies with correct form and enjoy weight-lifting without worrying about bulking up.

Ladies bootcamp

7. Tell us about #fitFabmom bootcamps?– We host bootcamps in Sandton and have hosted a few in Zimbabwe as well. We are teaching people that you can use something as a basic as a tire to workout your biceps, legs and you can do all sorts of things. We are really showing the women that they can anything that is available to them.


What are your food staples? I always have brown rice, quinoa, chicken and a lot of veggies dependingย  on the season.

For more from Peshy follow her on:

Instagram:ย fit_fabmum

Facebook:ย fitfabmumPeshie

Store:ย FabulousYou Boutique


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