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Review: Kauai Snacks- Protein Balls

Kauai was running the #MyBodyIsAmazing competition through a couple of wellness bloggers I was thrilled when Brigitte from The Balanced Life blog tagged me saying I had won.

New snack range-

Protein balls


5 g protein made with non-GMO whey protein free from soy, preservatives and colourants.

Cinna bomb- loved it this was my absolute favourite.

Cacao bomb- hard to bite into (bear in mind I was recovering of a failed tooth extraction)

Berry bomb- loved it I could taste the berries that were used.



Raw bars

No added sugar vegan

  1. Goji and acai berry a bit too sweet for me even though it has no added sugar. A bit sticky.
  2. Coco nut bar- deliciousness in a bar I really loved this one.

Raw bar

Protein bar

I’m not a fan of protein bars they tend to be chewy and a tad too sweet for my palette. I gave it a shot and they were not so bad, the protein bars win by far though.


As listed on the wrapping has 20 g protein and is free from gluten, preservatives and colourants.

Vanilla Choc chip- I ate it over 2 days I’m not tracking macros but I felt it was too much for protein for one day

Dark Chocolate and peanut butter

Kauai Vanilla Chocolate

Peanut butter – Tasted like you’re eating peanut butter straight out of the jar. (The memories)


Overall these snacks are great. I’m actually not good at describing just how great they are.


I did find out much later that they also have Salted caramel and Peanut butter bomb


Protein balls- R- 19

Raw bars- R 18

Protein bars R 33

There are also available on Ubereats which really helps.


I couldn’t get information of the full range on their website

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