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Review: Sierra- X Lite Hiking boots

I received a pair of Sierra x-lite hiking boots from Hi- tec South Africa and tested them out on 3 different trails for me to get a good sense of what they are like.

Sierra X lite Hiking Boots Review

Specifications of the boots

Product Use: Casual, Travel, Winter, Hiking, Walking
• High performance synthetic and mesh upper for support, durability and breathability
• Versatile lacing system provides a secure fit Super light, blown EVA midsole adds comfort
• A combination of mesh and micro-fleece moisture wicking lining keeps the foot dry
• Removable moulded EVA footbed delivers underfoot cushioning
• Fork shaped, nylon shank for support and improved gait
• Moulded TPU heel clip, offers additional stability, protection and durability
• Durable rubber outsole improves grip and provides durability
• Cost- R 1299

First impressions of these Hi-tec women’s hiking boots

I love the grey and blue color over the typical brown commonly used for hiking boots. The underfoot cushioning felt great under my feet, it offered good support for my feet. They also looked like boots you could wear to other places and not just the hiking trails.


The fit

I chose to break-in the boots by wearing them to work and for a walk the day before DDhike 3. The versatile lacing system was a challenge I couldn’t get the laces off so I could lace them up the way I wanted (maybe it’s like those child-proof pill bottles that even some adults can’t open them). I wore the boots without socks as they were a bit too tight. Totally my fault by the way I insisted on getting a size 4 instead of 5 which would give my toes a bit more wiggle room. I took them.

I was fortunate not to experience any painful things such as blisters, bruised toes, torn toenails, achy arches and brutally sore feet that first hikers tend to get. While this was not my first hike, this was the first with shoes specifically designed for hiking.


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On the trail

The Durable rubber out-sole definitely worked, I had improved grip as promised. This had to be the best part I realise by saying this I’m confessing to being reckless on the route but first running shoes I used didn’t offer any grip. I used to slip a lot on the trails.

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Any downsides of these boots?

The boots are not waterproof but I didn’t get to test this on the 3 trails I tried out.
The only real downside which technically was my fault I didn’t listen and get a bigger size as was suggested.


They are available in-store and on the Hi-tec website

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What is your favourite hiking gear? What do you look out for?

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  1. Hi-tec is my fav as well. These look pretty cool

  2. Shoshana Sue Shoshana Sue

    Hiking in comfy shoes is pure bliss, enjoy more blissful hikes with this great pair!

  3. One day when I’m fully back into running and hiking again, I’ll invest in a good pair of shoes like this. I’m starting my fitness journey again, so bookmarking your blog for a regular dose of inspiration! 🙂

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