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2017 Goal Recap

This post is deliberate I’m posting it in February not in January because this is the time that really matters. Stats show that by the 15th of Feb at least 80% of people will have dropped their goals, resolutions, intentions blah, blah, blah whatever word you choose to call them. I really doesn’t matter; after all it is things you want to do or get in your life. Anyway this is about my progress in 2017 or lack thereof.

2017 Recap

Last year I shared my  2017 Visionboard  and goals and it was a great plan for the most part. Below is a brief summary of how I did.


Finances– Paid off my car and wrote about it in my  101 goal update  and I had money to spare for local travel.

Read– I managed to meet my goal of 12 books

Sunday vibes . . #GoodReadsChallenge #GoodReads #BookWorm #BookLover #Biscuits

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Gadgets–  Won a Nutribullet I had planned to buy one.

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Travel– Took a holiday to Durban and did a lot more travel thanks to my sister Sandy and her travel blog took a steam train to Magaliesburg , Haartiesbepoort, Maropeng Cradle of mankind, Soweto Nelson Mandela’s house, Ngwenya Country Market and many more….

Travelled to Zimbabwe twice I normally only go there in December.

Health – Successfully donated eggs twice(I’m an egg donor). I took a Crossfit Class 

Events attended

Adidas Body brunch, Music run, reebok pretty lethal amazing race Soweto, Pop-up Gym Silverstar and Maslow, Jozimeetup , Hollard JURA Press tour, Wellness with zando, Discovery94.7 run,  Ripped femme seminar and reported on behalf of Fitness magazine.

Blog Highlights

I wrote 49 posts with an average of 594 words per post which is proof that my writing has improved. My most popular posts were

How to love your body more, 5 YouTube channels I use for my home workouts EMS review, Blendidsa DIY Smoothie Packs, Joburg 10k City Run, 5 extreme but fun workouts to try

Collaborated with brands like Fitbit, Sunstar Gum, BounceInc

I also earned some money through the blog and hosted 2 giveaways.

Started the group hikes called #DDhikes and hosted 3 hikes successfully.


Blog– I lost momentum during the second half of the year and didn’t quite get back to it.  I wrote less and had less traffic. I wasn’t able to maintain my YouTube channel posting only 3 videos. I was in fact frustrated with blogging and will probably be again in the future.

Health Yoga- I didn’t practice as much as I had hoped I would.

Finances– Car repairs took up a huge chunk of my money and I decided not to pursue the Health Coaching course I wanted.

@puddin_face tagged me in a Get real post, 1. It's taken me 3 days to figure out what to say that is "real" I don't know what "being real" means 2. I don't like to be addressed as Sam by people who are not my friends this irks me on the phone at work *weird I know* 3. I find it strange when people laugh at stuff I say, I'm not funny and don't try to be. It makes for awkward moments and selective choice words there after. 4. I get easily distracted and battle with procrastination on a daily basis. I've had to schedule bed time just make sure I get ish done. 5. Oh I'm an egg donor (I hope that's impressive coz that's all I got) Ladies that I've tagged spread the love and get real with me . . #getreal #HealthyLifestyle #gym

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Overall 2017 was a great year. I pushed myself harder and had fun while doing it. Looking back at my photos, there’s so much more I could write about how awesome 2017 was.


My goals for 2018

I really don’t have new goals, my goals remain pretty much the same.

  • Work on my blog as a business
  • Get fit again (Lost a lot of definition and muscle
  • Travel to new places- international and regional
  • Study- sports nutrition
  • Relationship- I’m still open to love but I’ve taken the “If it happens, it happens” stance.


What are your goals for 2018? Are you still on track?


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  1. Great to reflect on what you set out to do and what you achieved. Wow, you did a lot! Congrats Sam.

  2. Wow Sam, well done! I love that you won the Nutribullet. Great vision board.

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