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Final week of the BBG 28- day challenge

4 weeks ago I started the 28 day challenge in Kayla Itsines’ new book The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide  i wrote about my weekly experiences check them out Week 1 week 2 week 3 and now the question is was the 28 day plan a success?

Week 4



  Breakfast Snack 1 Lunch Snack 2 Dinner
Monday Cup of milk, bowl of oats   Egg, bread  rooibos tea Raw bar Pap, pork mixed veggies
Tuesday Cup of milk, bowl of oats  Apple  Egg, bread rooibos tea Protein ball and banana Grilled chicken, salad with black beans,
Wednesday Cup of milk, bowl of milo  banana  Pasta and grilled chicken Plain yogurt,  Raw bar  2 slices of pizza and coke
Thursday Cup of milk, milo cereal  apple Egg, bread rooibos tea  Protein ball  Rice, sweet sour chicken, green salad
Friday  Cup of milk, milo cereal  banana   1/2 protein bar Pizza, chips,
Saturday Muesli, plain yoghurt, chia seeds Grapes   1/2 protein bar Mashed potato, mince, coleslaw salad, mixed veggies
Sunday Pancakes, banana, coffee Apple   Pancake with Nutella and coffee  Rice, sweet sour chicken


I got better at tracking my meals and took time out to enjoy other “naughty” foods. I did find myself falling into the old routine of not eating lunch.




Monday- Leg day this was tough after the Fitness magazine fit affiar

Tuesday- LISS: went for a  30 minute walk

Wednesday- Arms and abs

Thursday- LISS- went for a  30 minute walk

Friday Full body workout but only did 1/2 of the workout I was busy and I managed to track over 10000 steps

Saturday- LISS I used public transport and had to walk quiet a lot.


Overall Lessons

  • Creating good habits will make things easier when following this guide
  • It is important to understand the value of your goals so you achieve and stick to them even when motivation runs out
  • Each week I learned something new, about my body, way of thinking and was challenged to break down those fears.

Is the guide worth it?

Yes- it has a great variety and accommodates different tastes.

I was already seeing results by week 3- my energy levels were higher, my concentration improved and I was excited about baking (before I would wait till I was absolutely hungry then cook and I had no desire to bake.

I also loved that there was various meals over 200 in fact to try out, while i hardly attempted 80% of them. I loved having the freedom of choice and option for fresh food. I’m not a fan of Tupperware style of meal prep.

The Book is packed with information that will help you make better choices, enjoy being healthy and fall in love with your body.

You can get your copy over at



  1. Take time to read the book before jumping into the 28-day challenge like I did.
  2. Use Sundays are a day to plan your meals and figure out which meals you want to swap around
  3. Enjoy the process and put yourself under pressure to get results fast
  4. Join  the BBG communities and garner support in your journey
  5. Open yourself to the fact that this will work.


I think I’m officially a covert and with be resetting and starting again. I will intensify my workouts and finish the book before get back to it.

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