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Week 3: The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide by Kayla Itsines

Week 3 has been great particularly if you compare it to Week 1 and Week 2  I’m getting used to having snacks and feeling a lot stronger. Check out how I did.

Week 3- BBG


I had to stretch my budget a bit more and get some more ingredients though I kept it to a minimal and used products I had and improvised on some of the recipes.
Monday: cup of milk, bowl of oats with cinnamon, banana salad with pita bread x 2, cup of rooibos tea, plain yogurt, rice and beef stew with salad

Tuesday: cup of milk, bowl of oats with cinnamon, banana, brown bread with eggs with tomato and red and yellow peppers, rooibos tea yogurt with honey and 3 large strawberries rice with beef stew with salad and custard with banana and strawberries

Wednesday: cup of milk bowl of oats with cinnamon banana  egg with tomato and red and yellow peppers bread , cup of rooibos tea, yoghurt chocolate smoothie sadza (pap)and chicken fried cabbage and gravy
Thursday: oats with cinnamon rice cakes with hazelnut spread eggs with tomatoes green and red peppers yogurt homemade chicken burgers

Friday-  bowl of Milo cereal, cup of rooibos tea, yogurt bread coffee  snacks
Saturday- mince and bread coffee, apple,  pasta and mince
Sunday. Eggs and whole bread coffee protein  ball rice and chicken jelly


I’m happy to say I managed 6 workouts this past week. I think I’m really pushing myself harder as I’m starting to feel sore the next day, clearly I’m not taking short cuts anymore.
Monday – Legs First ever workout on a Monday since I started this 28 day challenge.

Tuesday: L.I.S.S went for a 40 minute walk


Wednesday-  arms and abs
Thursday L.I.S.S changed things up and did  zumba
Friday- no workout wanted to be ready for Saturday
Saturday-  two workouts body weight and resistance training both in the morning

Sunday- rest day


  • Meal prepping and meal planning are necessary when following a guide like this.
  • I didn’t set myself up for success ( I should have read the whole book, worked out a budget and picked meals I was comfortable with trying.
  • Progress is not always visible but it’s there.

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