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Week 2: The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide

Last week I started the 28 day challenge in the  BBG Motivation & Habit Guide  book by Kayla Itsines. You can check how Week 1 went here

Week 2

Week 2 was significantly better after a trip to the dentist on Tuesday my energy levels were ever increasing each day. I was slightly more focused (less meds clouding my brain). I’ve listed  below my progress in a slightly different way.

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I managed 4 workouts out of the 6 recommended workouts. The exercises seem fairly easy to do but because of the reps (Repetition) you actually feel the burn.

All the exercises on the plan are 28 minutes with two circuits.

Monday- L.I.S.S(Low Intensity Steady State cardio) short walk to the shops

Tuesday- Arms and Abs

Thursday- L.I.S.S workout

Saturday – full body workout. I was supposed to do this on Friday.

I was in a fitbit challenged at I managed to log over 6000 steps a day for 5 days.

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I didn’t do a good job of tracking my meals but I love that I can eat carbs. I did eat way too much rice but it’s the softest food I could make until some got logged into gap in my wisdom tooth. Eggs are so expensive.

Monday-  bread with butter and rooibos, plain yogurt, mashed potatoes and chicken
Tuesday-  rice with gravy and rice with chicken
Wednesday – plain yogurt, cup of milk, bowl of oats with cinnamon lunch tuna sandwich  pap, pork mixed veggies
Thursday -cup of milk,oats rice cakes with peanut  butter, pap and pork
Friday -cup of milk, oats,  yogurt, rice with oven baked fish and mushrooms
Saturday -Scrambled eggs with red onion, red and yellow pepper coffee blueberry smoothie rice, chicken, coleslaw salad blueberry smoothie
Sunday- blueberry pancakes and coffee, chips, salad and steak

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Other things I did

I’ve continued to learn as I took the time to read the other parts of the book focused on habits and the approach to forming good habits.

I also joined a few of the BBG communities of other women following along the fitness journey and giving each other support. I was disappointed to see that the few South African based groups are rather inactive.

Workout made fun: There is power in numbers

I stretched my budget and went shopping for meat and other perishable staples on Saturday and fruits and veggies on Sunday. There is stuff I bought last week but didn’t use, I will try to incoporate in this coming week.



  1. Healthy lifestyle is easier to stick to when there’s balance, flexibility and simplicity
  2. The level  of your motivation to do or get something is usually equal to your “perceived value” for the object.
  3. Having good habits will sustain you long after motivation is gone.


Question: Have you ever followed a workout and meal plan before? 

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