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Review: The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide

I received a copy of Kayla Itsines’ latest book The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide from the lovely people at Pan Macmillan South Africa  The book is amazing and packed with 28-day meal plan, +200 simple and delicious recipes, Shopping lists, a 28- day workout poster, motivational quotes and so much more.

I’ve decided to go on the 28-day challenge and see how I fare.

Week 1

I started the week slowly. This book is more than just educational it gives you an opportunity to practice what you’ve learnt. I printed the workouts, made a list of what I thought I could afford to buy on the cooking list.  (Healthy living is expensive and I’ve already exhausted my budget)


I’m already learning a lot.


  1. My relationship with food: is not as simple as I’ve lead myself to believe *I always tell myself that food is fuel* However I’ve learnt that I judge food based on other people’s opinions of it or simply on the way it looks. That said I’m not going to be eating aspharagus just yet.
  2. I have limited knowledge of food and it’s benefits
  3. Meal preparation is truly key to success.
  4. I’m not accustomed to eating so much 3 meals and 2 snacks
  5. I need to learn about portion control


Unfortunately I lost momentum when I had a failed tooth extraction on Thursday and had to resolve to eating soft foods like eggs, smoothies and mashed potato.

I did go for a hike on the Saturday and ate a healthy masala dosa (Indian pancake stuffed with mashed potato.

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I’m not looking forward to week 2. My tooth is still not 100% better.

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  1. I got this book for Christmas and I am obsessed with the recipes. Although I admit that I haven’t committed to the 28-day plan, I’m just really enjoying cooking tasty, healthy meals.

    • The recipes do look great, I pushing my boundaries by cooking a lot. I woke up early to bake on Sunday and it came out good.

  2. Meg Meg

    For the longest time I thought asparagus only came in a tin – ha! My mum used to buy it for christmas and I always thought it was horrible and weird looking. Fresh asparagus is so much better! You are right though, eating healthy is expensive!

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