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Delightful Peep of the Month’ Feb 2018

Meet Anina Meyer  a recipe developer,  food stylist, photographer, cook, baker and blogger over at Her food creations look so beautiful and healthy I had to find out how she does it.
Delightful Peep

Tell us a little about the Anina’s Recipes blog  (what is the inspiration behind it)? 
Aninas Recipes started little over 7 years ago, when I first entered the world of food by taking over my mother-in-law’s cake shop.  Here we created delicious catering dishes, platters and home cooked meals for happy customers.  I soon realized my love for developing recipes and found it useful to share my culinary adventures through an online blog.  Once I picked up my first DSLR Camera, I truly found my passion for photography and styling, and through that the blog has been a creative journal, documenting my journey into the industry and sharing easy recipes that the home cook can master easily.  Now the blog has become a recipe portal, with over 400 recipes including banting friendly, vegan, plant based, low carb and healthy recipes with a sneaky treat here and there.
How did you discover your passion for coming up with recipes?  
Having no culinary background and jumping straight from retail, into a catering shop – The bug pretty much bit and latched on. I saw the need for delicious and hearty home cooked meals, for the busy family and this fact really propelled me into creating recipes that the whole family can enjoy.  After launching the website, the passion grew stronger as I started working with different ingredients and products, featured on my site. Food was and is all I think about, really. 
What are your day to day routines like?
My days are pretty much packed to the rim to fit in all the responsibilities of being an adult! Mornings are usually a mad rush to get the kid to school, after which I like to visit the gym for spinning, a jog on the treadmill or a good yoga session.  A quick smoothie breakfast and then the work starts.  My day can either be filled with cooking, recipe testing, shooting in my home studio or researching recipes for clients and projects.  I’ve also been tremendously lucky to work with great clients, and I also create food related content, from writing articles to newsletters, curated posts for Social Media and/or restaurant photography.  Being in the privileged position of working on my own time, after the afternoon school rush, I usually spend some time with my son and make sure we have some dinner on the table once hubby gets home.  I love binge watching series, so you can guess what I do once the kid is in bed…
What fitness apps do you use to track your progress?
I have to admit that I’m pretty overwhelmed with all the apps that’s around, so I rely on my Discovery app to track my gym visits and then build up vitality points through that. 

As a foodie, what role do you think nutrition plays in healthy living? 
Oh man, there is so much to say about this topic.  For me as a foodie, healthy living is not just about what you eat, but about your whole mindset and being conscious about the impact your food choices can make on your health, mental well being and the environment. It’s a no brainer that we MUST move away from all processed, junk and fast foods.  Foods that has added chemicals, preservatives and harmful additives should not be part of your healthy lifestyle.  I recommend choosing a whole food approach to health, by eating more plant based foods and choosing higher welfare, nutrient dense meat and dairy. 
What challenges have you faced in your efforts at becoming healthier?


One challenge I definitely had was breaking bad habits.  That usually came with our weekend grazing.  It always included a raid from the sweets aisle, and giving up/limiting sugar has really been a challenge for me.  Another challenge has also been to get into the food prep routine – without proper planning and prepping, you are most likely to end up in that drive through…

What basic food items should someone add to their diet when starting out or improving their health?
I think there are some great alternatives that can aid your healthy lifestyle.  For one, I replaced sugar with xylitol and are using Almond milk instead of dairy.  Another basic food item I found extremely helpful was Chickpea Flour, to use in my baking. I am also lucky to work with great brands, and try out awesome products.  No calorie noodles are a staple, and I also recommend going the no sugar, organic route with your nut butters. Other than that – I think stocking your fridge with more greens is a great start…
Want more? Check out Anina on the blog and SM below
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