2018 has started with a bang. I had my first radio interview with Ryan Enslin from My Lime Boots Blog on the SoapBox Radio which is situated at 27 Boxes in Melville.


Ryan and I discussed the importance of fitness and changing our views by looking at exercise as something this is fun and doable. Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated


During the show I referred to a couple of posts on my blog and I’ve dropped the link below. Hope you enjoy the interview and share with me your feedback in the comment section below.


*Posts mentioned*

5 extreme but fun workouts

Fitness journal which has a free printable available for download

CrossFit review

Delightful Peeps mentioned

These are the 3 people who I’ve interviewed on my blog and found inspiring

Mark Llewhellin

Cara Lisa Sham

Maxine Schuiling 


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