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Review: Fitbit Charge 2

I received a Fitbit charge 2 rose gold edition in September and have been having an awesome time with the upgrade from the Fitbit Flex   which I got late last year.

What I love

The Straps– I love the straps and the fit perfectly on my wrist. I did buy alternative straps because I’m so messy and couldn’t keep the rose gold clean for a long time.

Display– Hooray I am finally able to see what’s happening. The display has 11 face options; which with the flip of your wrist lights up. It displays date, time,steps, heart rate and several other things that you can set up with the app depending on what you want.

Sleep Tracker– This was on the flex too however the information is now more detailed. It not only shows the hours you slept but how  you slept in the 3 stages of sleep REM, light and deep.


Battery Power– At first I was disappointed with 4 day recharge time because the flex used to give me up to 6 days before charging again. Then I realised that I charge my phone everyday and the notifications use up power.

The steps counter Has come with some improvements which show up on the app. You can now see the number of floors you have climbed and this is awesome when you get some badges and trophies.

Heart Rate Monitor – The Charge comes equipped with a heart monitor which tracks the heart rate in different zones the peak, cardio, fat burn, out of zone and resting. I’m happy to say that my cardio fitness is very good.



Notifications – This is function is great. You can notified when your phone is ringing,  messages and my favourite calendar alerts. I also like the hourly reminders to get some steps in. 250 steps in an hour is not so bad.

Meditation Guide – The charge 2 has a meditation relaxation guide which has 2 minute and 5 minute options. I use this when I’m visualising on my 2017 visionboard and my breathing has improved.

What I don’t like

Sensor – the tracking sensor if I wear my Fitbit too tight I feel itchy on my wrist and have to take it off. I lose track of some steps.

Splash- proof – I’m able to wash the dishes while wearing it but can take a shower or go swimming with it. Not that i would risk my tracker suffering some water damage. It’s just something that would be handy on days you forget you have the tracker on.

Question: How do you track your workouts? Do you have a fitbit or any other wearable fitness tracker?

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  1. Good timing – just ordered a rose gold fit bit, waiting for it to arrive, now I’m even more excited. My daughter has one and loves it.

  2. Jackie Jackie

    I’ve been considering getting one, but now I definitely need to. Rose gold is my weakness!

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