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Delightful Peep of the Month’ November 2017

Meet Shantal Dietrich (better known as Slim) is a 21 year old personal trainer, entrepreneur and a Herbalife independent distributor  Having struggled with underweight issues for most of her life, Slim is determined to help as many people as she can with similar issues.
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 Tell us a little about your brand? (Re:Shape)
 Re:Shape is an initiative that myself and one of my best friends Refiloe have established because of our passion for health and fitness. Being qualified personal trainers we aspire to inspire young females to live balanced lifestyles.
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What services do you offer through your business?
We have recently established a program that will be launched soon where we coach girls on how to make healthier mental, emotional and physical choices.
We also host occasional events where we do a fun workout, have healthy treats and speak about topics that females always have questions about.
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 What is your day to day routine like?
No day is ever the same when it comes to routine. I’m really spontaneous and always aim to change as many lives as I can. My day always includes fitness, fun and friendship.
 What is your greatest highlight to-date?
Becoming an Adidas influencer, Building my own brand with like minded people.
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Have you faced any difficulties in the process of becoming healthier?
 I was underweight for most of my life, I was teased about not being able to gain weight and that had such a negative impact on my self esteem. It was tough making the mental transition to become healthier but I needed to feel happier and becoming healthier really made me feel happier. There were countless times where I wanted to give up on training, but when I changed my mindset and made healthy living my lifestyle I absolutely fell in love with the feeling and results.
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Who or what is your source of inspiration?
Firstly, God will always be my source of inspiration. Secondly, I am always inspired by the amazing people I get to work and interact with.
What is your vision? 
My vision is to Impact the nation by  educating and being an example of how simply living a balanced lifestyle can be fulfilling. I aim to encourage people to take care of themselves and the people around them. I want to be in a Position to bless others with the gift of happiness in every way possible.
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What would you like to be remembered for?
I would like to be remembered for how my passion for health and fitness inspired and changed people’s lives.
Are there any challenges in the industry you are working in?
Because Fitness is somewhat still seen as a male dominant industry, many people have doubted me and my skills but that never stopped me from showing them who I am and what I have to bring to the table. Every industry has its challenges but I believe it’s about how you face and overcome them.
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Do you have any advice for someone who wants to be healthier?
Of course,
1- Don’t be too hard on yourself, take it one day at a time, one Meal at a time and one workout at a time.
2- Be consistent and block the haters out.
3- Remember that you’re doing this for YOU. Never give up on yourself.
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