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5 benefits of working out from home

I’ve been exercising from home for the last two or three years. The other week I shared my list of 5 YouTube channels I use at home. Continuing on that path I realised that working out from home might a bit challenging but there are some amazing benefits that I’ve discovered; which might help you stay inspired.

5 Benefits of working outfrom home

  1. Gym memberships can be quiet expensive and setting up a space to work out from home is quite easy to do; so you would save a great amount of money. Gym contracts can also be difficult to get out of.

2. Privacy- I really hate it when people come up to me and tell how skinny I am and shouldn’t be working out. While it’s not the same as calling someone “fat” it’s still offensive. There’s also just the way people look at you when you’re in the changing room, while I’m perfectly fine with letting it all hang out, it’s not appropriate.


People in the gym tend to be selfish, I’m sure we’ve all seen memes and videos of people failing to use gym equipment. These videos are recorded to mock and humiliate the people in the videos. I find this behavior cruel and would prefer my ignorance and incorrect form to be kept to myself, especially if I’m not getting help to correct it.

I’m also very particular about my personal space.

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  1. Flexi schedule– Most gyms have opening and closing times I remember one time doing my workout at 9:30 pm, it’s a weird time to work out but that is my point. You can choose when you want to exercise and you even cut out traffic; saving you time to do other things.
  1. You can be selfish– this really applies to you if you have equipment. At the gym you have to be considerate of others and not spend too much time on a particular equipment.
  2. Clean equipment– most gyms are generally clean but being a slight germaphobe I always wonder just how clean they are. The smell of disinfectant can be too overwhelming. Gym guy Joe can leave his sweat stains eeeww.

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Bonus reason- You can work out where want. Take outside in the park, workout on the balcony or the beach.

Do you workout from home, if yes what benefits have you seen from doing so?

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  1. Interesting. The sweat on the equipment sounds so disgusting. For now, gym is expensive for me too.

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