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Delightful Peep of the month-October 2017

Meet Atlegang Mosimanekgosi  or Atli for short. Like Karien from Running the race he’s one of the bloggers I met at Adidas Boosts Bloggers Day. 

Tell us a little about your blog That Indie Runner, what was the inspiration behind?

I have loved writing for the longest time, it has always been something that was easy for me to do. I always thought I would become a journalist, but realised the state of the job market. So I took the road less taken. See I love telling people’s stories, everybody has their own story to tell. Especially their running stories, it’s so fascinating how people start running. The thing is Running is not something people just start. I say this because people start running because they see others doing it, or for weight loss purposes or something major in their life happens which pushes them to lace up. This is where the idea for the blog came up. I would still like to chase my journalism dreams but I am doing it in a different way.

I am a lover of all things indie, because this is where the truth lies. Indie means independent, running is an individual sport. I see runners as independent individuals because this sport is not a team sport. When you are on the streets, it is you and the road. You have conversations with yourself to triumph, to finish. At first the blog was going to be about my running, but during those times I was always injured. I figured it would not be interesting for the readers to read about somebody that’s always injured. So I changed focus to other runners, I drew inspiration from the Instagram running community and almost 3 years later… This is where we are.

How did you get in to running?

It was 2012, It was second year in university. I had gained so much weight I was spiraling out of control. My friends took action for me and told me that we were going to run to stay fit. This was around the time, Nike was about to launch their first Run Jozi. The full breakdown can be found here.  My friends told me to sign up and on the 21 march 2012 I was part of those 10 000 runners lighting up the Joburg CBD in the lumo yellow tee shirts. After that 10 KM I swore never to run again. 3 weeks later a friend convinced me to join her jogging from Braamfontein to the Johannesburg Zoo. 3 times a week for a year this was my life and I stuck to it. The rest as the say is history, in this case kilometres.

What is it like being an Ascis Front runner?

I strive to create a distinction between my blog and my personal life. As much as I created the #RunRevolution movement, which Thatindierunner was born out of. My goal is for the blog to be an independent platform, so that even if I can not continue with it in future somebody else can take over and continue to spread the good word of Running Culture.

In my personal capacity as Atlegang, I was selected by ASICS to be one of the first wave of South African Front Runners. Being with the ASICS family has opened me up to whole other facet of running. I look forward to doing one of their international races soon. Hopefully this materialises

What is your favourite exercise and why?

The #BLOODYMONDAY run, 5 km of just running comfortably on a Monday. Monday’s are the worst, there’s more traffic, the good TV shows don’t play on a Monday. On Monday you have to think about Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. All the more reason to forget about all of these stresses and just let your chest burn. Also the Monday run is the hardest run and when you finish this run pat yourself on the back because you have completed it. It is most likely that you did a race on Sunday anyway. So this will be the shake out run to loosen those muscles.

What new healthy habits would you like try out for yourself?

A few weeks ago, I realised that exercising and working is not going to happen easily. So I am changing my eating habits one small step at a time. I really like sweet things, so I gave up sugar and started using Sucralose sweetener. I had a habit of  not eating breakfast so I changed this. Now everyday I have all bran flakes with raisins for that sweet taste, I really have a sweet tooth. Now I need to fix my lunch and supper.

I really want to eat like those fitness Instagram accounts with the chia seeds and what what diet. However, I am not there yet. One small step at a time beyps!


You’ve run the Soweto Marathon before, what tips would give to someone who’s planning on doing a marathon?

HOOOOOOO Soweto 2016. I signed up for the full marathon, didn’t really train for it. Then convinced myself that I am not ready and will do the half marathon. Then the night before I got caught up in the hype and lied to myself. Then I posted my race number on Instagram, then people liked it and then the commitment was made. It’s on the gram, we can’t change it afterwards eish…

So when doing Soweto, sign up, close your eyes and pay. Then commit to your distance you will finish! Soweto Marathon is all about enjoying running in the township. Most of these races are in the Suburbs, where the streets are quiet. In Soweto, the streets are lively, the people are jovial. They offer you everything from Alcohol to weetbix to water. Not to mention the historical sites that you run through. You know what don’t even think about it just do that damn thing!

What is the run revolution?

#RunRevolution is a movement that I started to encourage and inspire people to start running. Maybe not marathons but to do a few rounds around the block. I have big plans for this hashtag, I have big plans for thatindierunner. A lot of running has been left untapped. There is more to running than running and with that is what I am trying to showcase.

What method do you use to track your progress?

Digital of course, I used to run with the Nike+ Running App before they changed it. As soon as I started working, I joined Discovery Vitality. Through Discovery I was able to get an Apple Watch 2. Due to the fact that I am trying to accumulate enough vitality points to reach Gold Status for this year, I track all of my runs using the built-in apple health app on the apple watch.

Like what you see? Want to see more? You can follow Atli here:
Facebook: ThatIndieRunner
Instagram: ThatIndieRunner
Twitter: thatindierunner


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