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Race Review: Joburg 10k City run (2)

The Joburg 10k race was the perfect way to finish the Month. My word of the month was explore and that is exactly what I got when along with over 15000 entrants took part in the second edition this race.


Race pack collection
I collected  on Saturday just after 9 am at 1 Fox Street. This process was a lot smoother than  last year. My t-shirt I’m happy to say was a women’s size small and not a men’s and it fit perfectly. There was stations for substitutions as well.


Getting to the race and Parking
I car pooled with my friend Printha and we parked at New Junction Mall one of the designated parking areas. Safe and affordable, there was a bit of a queue but we were able to find parking and made our way to the start by foot.


This for me has to be the  only thing I can complain about, honestly nothing you can do about mother nature. It was incredibly windy that on some areas i felt myself being pushed by the wind. I did borrow a jacket from a lady called Rochelle she had printed her name on her race shirt and I just called out to her and asked for her it. Gotta love the camaraderie of runners.

The course
Exactly the same as last year but some how different. I saw a lady with a double stroller talk about #strongwomen. Her babies looked cute and so tiny. In Hillbrow meet fellow runner Kim Van es who was a Former resident of Hillbrow in the 70s. Got an exclusive and personal tour briefing about the place.


Because I am a good sport at the 8,  mark I ran to “beat” bolt I was nowhere near the slowest time at the 200 m race. Maybe if i had done the 100 m dash at the beginning of the race I might have been better.

Route markers

The route markers were placed differently this time. we were counting down to the finish. They were very visible and perfect for a selfie of two.


Water stations
There was Liquifruit at the water stations. I don’t recall seeing water at the 3rd station at the 8.6km mark.

Last year’s medal wins over the two simply because of the names on the back of all the areas we ran past along the route. Though the detail on city view of the  2017 medal is impressive the windows of  the building are clearer.

Post race entertainment
Not sure what happened but it seems I missed the everything. There was no one on the stage by the time I got there.

Spur was there selling their awesome burgers the queues were long so this was a clear hit.

Despite feeling cold and walking the whole way (I’ve got surgery in two days) this was a great race. The music along the route made it fun. Meeting new people, seeing clever characters. This was the race for everyone. I got to squeeze a hug with Thozama (Pudding Face) who shared her experience here.

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S/O to the Traffic marshals and metro cops were in full force. Interesting lady at the 3 km mark took her job a little too seriously but it meant no taxi drivers got past her and on to the road towards runners. Her gestures were hilarious but I applaud her for valuing the safety of runners.


The efficiency of the system is somewhat stalkerish as soon as I crossed the finish line I got my sms with my time.

Final note: I want to applaud the organisers of the race. By the I went home the Nelson Mandela was clean as if there was no race.

All pictures taken from Jobrug 10k Facebook page


  1. Pudding Face Pudding Face

    I didn’t even realize how cold it was! I remember a slight breeze at the start. Love the article…so well written

    • Thanks for reading it…. you were running so you got warm quick.

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