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5 YouTube channels I use for my home workouts

I’ve been working out from home consistently for the last 2 years and I’ve lasted this long because of a few great resources.Honestly will power is not enough, there has to be other driving elements. I get asked all the time what I use and while I have a few workout plans on paper I find videos work best for me, having someone cheer you on when you work out is always great even if its through the TV. Below is my top 5 fitness channels.

1. Body fit Amy- Amy Kiser Schemper is my go-to girl. She has a wide range of workout videos with varied lengths, from 5 minute videos to 35  minutes. She was a 2014 Women’s Health magazine Next Fit star contestant and is fit mom/personal trainer, she knows her stuff.

2. Zumba- Claudio Lopez Utreras is a zumba instructor  who truly enjoys dancing and he even sneaks in some squats and lunges in his choreography. I’m not a big fan of dance tutorial videos so I love the fact the choreography easy to follow along.  When I do my zumba it actually feels like I can dance.

3. Yoga by Adrienne-My goal is to practice yoga at least once a week and Yogi Adrienne’s videos are prefect. There’s yoga for every type of athlete from yoga for golfers to yoga for swimmers so this definitely a channel loaded with choices. she also has tutorials on particular poses which really help with getting form right. Yoga might be hard but this channel makes it easy.

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4. Millionaire Hoy and yes that his real name (yaboymillhoy)- Most of the workouts on this channel are high intensity interval training sessions. I just love how very real these workouts are, Mill not only works up a sweat but also screams a when a workout is too intense. I found the rawness inspiring.

5. Pop sugar- Anna Renderer is a fitness host and high performance coach and she brings in the big guns in the world of fitness on her channel from Kayla Itsines to  Jenna Dewan tatum. This channel is jam packed with great, fun videos.  I recommend you check out

The channels I use are not limited to these 5 list above and I would like to give Special mentions go to Billy Blanks king of taebo, Mike Chang from,  Boho Beautiful, Jillian Michaels and Bollywood Superstar Bipasha Basu I use their resources as well to keep things fresh and interesting.

What is your favourite channel for workout? Do share with me in the comment section below.

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