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Delightful Peep of the month- September 2017

Meet MJ (Mary-Jane) I’ve been following her since I did the Muddy Princess. She is full of life and passionate about fitness wellness. Her  Instagram feed is full of motivational pics, quirky selfies and so much stuff I only dream of doing. This dynamite lady knows how to live large. Read more about her below.

1.             Tell us a little about yourself, who is Mary-Jane

I am the girl, almost next door who enjoys the other things in life. I am interested in everything that is not a norm for me, whether culturally or in fitness.  I call myself an OCR princess as I love playing in mud on weekends and jip I pay to do it! *hides face*

2.             What is your idea of a good day?

A good day for me would be full of laughter (up to mischief) and lots of selfies. I love pictures. They are the best kept form of memory

3.             What are you most passionate about?

I have a passion for Adventure, fitness and the great outdoors. My friends call me bush baby as I camp (tent and stars) a lot.

4.             What advice would you give to someone trying to get healthier?

«  It’s a journey!

«  Embrace every moment of it!

«  Don’t be intimidated by people who are already in the gym! They started somewhere also.

«  The first step is love thy self, there are going to be hard times, joyous times, beast mode times but most of all enjoy the ride because you only have one body and one life. Look after it.

5.             Where do you get your motivation from?

«  Passion for Life.

«  The Warrior Race and I listen to Fearless Motivation in the mornings

«  My little brother Junior. I once heard someone say be careful what you do, you never know who is watching you. My brother looks up to me as “hero” that is the most powerful thing in life, so I try to inspire, lead and educate him.

6.             What is the most extreme thing you’re done in an effort to get fit?

LOL – I have always been all bones and “no muscle” so the most extreme thing would be drinking weight management pills and drinks. But thank the fitness lords, they saved me, from myself. #girlswithmuscles

7.             Do you have any tips for someone trying to get fitter?

I get bored very easily. The gym becomes mundane, so my advice is:

«  Mix up your workout routine. From swimming to pole dancing to yoga and CrossFit.

«  I also recommend you enter a race as that is the best way to test yourself and realise your gains.

«  Respect your body enough to feed it nutritional meals. #absaremadeinthekichen

«  Lastly gym anywhere. I get lazy days as well so I would do partner workouts with my brother, which are fun.

«  Live a little – Have fun

8.             What is your greatest highlight to date?

I have been on the low self-esteem side my whole life, self-doubt was my biggest enemy. I convinced my friends to participate in the warrior race with me. It was an epic journey till they all had other things to focus on and couldn’t do it with me no more. I had a predicament as in the beginning of the year I set my self a goal to do all 8 warrior races. At The Warrior race 2 – I did black ops alone, I managed to beat my personal best time, and I faced my biggest fear (heights). This was an affirmation from the universe that I am capable and I am the captain of my success.

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Instagram: ocr_girlemjay

Twitter: orcgirl_emjeezy

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