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Review: Wall Climbing and Abseil @ The Skybar

Disclaimer: I received free pass for one climb and one abseil

I’m really enjoying trying out the “5 extreme but fun workouts to try out” Indoor rocking climbing was actually number 1 on the list, clearly I enjoy not conforming to structure.

Wall Climb

I had the opportunity to go to Skybar play at height  in Fourways, it’s so close to my house I walked there.   Safety is a priority with the staff at the Sky bar, Sizwe put me into a harness and being harnessed is a bit too personal for my liking.  He was friendly and gave me the safety instructions


I think I’ve conquered my fear of falling hey. I started with the red line on the 12 m climbing wall. Apparently the red side is the easy side. I have short legs and because of this I had to work extra hard to reach. I recommend you stretch nicely before you start this climb, my groin area felt the stretch.

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During the climb I got experience some of the benefits of rock climbing:
Mental strength and improving problem-solving abilities because I was working your mind by figuring out how to move up and across the wall.

Top of wall

Challenge yourself – When I saw the wall I didn’t want to know how high it I just tackled it.
Conquer your fears- I love to say I’m of afraid of falling instead of saying I’m afraid of heights truth is either way fear is not cool, I can hinder you from so much.

Climbing can also help to increase flexibility- umm hello stretch and lean and swing.

Works your core muscles-  I had to use my arms and upper body to pull myself up to the next hold and my legs to push myself higher.

Of course I had fun there was music playing in the background, it really helped get out my head and enjoy the moment.

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Swing down

After the wall climb I did a 50 m Abseil down the side of the tower. The view was great I got to see the Fourways from above and it’s really beautiful.  It was a bit windy up at the top, but I guess the higher you go the cooler it gets.

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My dream of being on The Amazing Race might never happen but I’m glad I go to abseil and work on my confidence.

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  1. Wow that looks really high and my legs are shorter than yours. Well done Sam

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