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101 Goal Update- The final one

I was cleaning out my desk drawer the other day and found my 101 goal list and realized I never wrote my final update. If you’re interested in reading more on my productivity tips and updates please be sure to complete my reader’s survey. I had one reader point out that I talk too about myself on my blog and I would really like to know what you want to read so I can create better content for you.  Anyway back to my 101 goal list which really is the core of my blog, the real reason I started blogging. I wanted to get ish done.

101 goals

This was my second 101 goals in 1001 days and honestly I failed dismally at that. For starters I couldn’t come up with 101 goals to attempt to complete, I scrambled and scratched to get to 94 goals. This time I managed to complete only 56 goals despite that I’m happy with what I achieved. See what I mean.

Go mountain or wall climbing- I did go wall climbing and abseiling recently


Once every three months go on an out of town excursion- This goal is easier now that my sister Sandy has a travel blog Our excursions include hikes, riding the steam train and other local touristy things.

Visit the cradle of mankind- I love history and archaeology and this trip was really great.   Indiana Jones and Big bang Theory came alive on this trip. 20170708_121138

Create a media kit (blog resume)- Finally created my media kit and now will have to update it regularly.

Post more regularly (6 posts a month)- This hasn’t always been the case but since finishing my blog planner I’m better at it. Especially the last two months

Engage with more bloggers- I’ve attended blogger meetups (#JoziMeetups) and I’m part of a few blogger groups with two mastermind groups specifically  for idea sharing and accountabity. I’ve been particularly consistent with my blog bestie Meg from This is us living. I love her perceptive 🙂

Increase blog monthly views- I have increased my views but not to the goal I initially set. Switching to WordPress and changing my niche is still the worst decision I made for my blog. I’m annoyed but I’m ok with it.

Improve my Facebook page for my blog (revamp, increase likes, share content)- I had abandoned my page and now I share on it regularly. Getting new “likes’each week slowly.  If you haven’t liked my what are you waiting for, here’s the link.

Make a blog planner- This is the best thing ever, I’m motivated to blog more and I can see where I’m going.

Start a YouTube channel- Now that I started this channel I’m wondering why. I haven’t been effective in managing the channel and am considering removing the channel. I clearly bit off more than I can chew. I really need decent editing software that is free lol.

Run a 10 km race– I ran my first ever 10 km distance in my first race which was the FNB city run. I had a great time and will do this one race again. I still hate running.


Try a Pilates class- Pilates is harder than yoga that’s all I’m saying.

Master a handstand- I don’t think this was an accurate goal. I do handstands  and jumps all the time.


Get a fitness watch- I got myself a fitbit flex check out my review here.

Pay off car- I’m officially debt-free. I paid off my car in less than 2 years of buying it. If you want know how I did it feel free to email me. You won’t like it (the advice I mean)

Read autobiographies 1/5- I read Sir Alan Sugar’s What you see is what you get only, I was studying furiously last year, so that’s my excuse.

My #morningroutine is getting better. Reading before i start my day. #goodreads #book

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Watch less TV- I’m a TV addict( there I said it) I cut off my DSTV but somehow have found access to movies.

Create a weekly then daily schedule to keep track of tasks to be completed- I have a bullet journal

Review progress every 3 months- I did this as and when I could, I had way too many systems running Move Monday, Fitness journal, Monthly goals.

Create a vision board for each year 3/3- Technically I cheated. I simply modified my 2016 vision board, removed what came true and added new goals.

Read more Christian books- 3 /10 looks like I’m very ambitious( how is this a bad trait?) but not practical when it comes to reading. Do note I have read 27 books in 2013 though the goal was 40 books.

#Morningroutine #coffee #goodreads #book ❤reading

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Join a writing club- I joined but the group didn’t last only two people in it. I did learn I need to try a few writing exercises to improve my writing.

Eat at 10 new restaurants- I’m sure there’s more but these are the ones I can remember: Mexican salsa,  Black steer, Smoked grilled house, Tony’s spaghetti, Café zing, Black Africa, Brewtown Cafe, Riverside café, Rodizzio, Coobs, Moyo’s

Reasons I failed

I wasn’t fully committed to the process, I got distracted with other shiny goals.

Some of my goals changed

I underestimated the amount of work (resources) needed to be successful at completing some of the goals.

Final Stats

Start Date: 01 September 2014
End Date: 28 May 2017 (Took longer than this)
Goals complete: 056/101
Goals to be completed One Day: 45/101 There’s a few abandoned goals too.

Lessons learned

Setting goals is important but seeing the value and purpose of them is even better

While I failed to complete the goals I did manage to get a lot more stuff done in my life and I definitely better at planning. (Less is better)

I am ever evolving and will not feel bad about not accomplishing my goals.

Removing pressure to perform made it easy for me to accomplish other goals and overally I don’t feel bad about sucking.  After looking at this and scrolling through my Instagram to get evidence I’m proud of all I’ve done. Like I did a gift wrapping course , created a free printable, donated eggs, yes you read that right I’m an egg donor. I got my senior bookkeeping qualification a whole year ahead of time.

Have you ever failed to accomplish a goal?Have you heard of the 101 goals in 1001 days project (DayZero)?

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  1. Meg Meg

    I loved this post, Sam. Truly so real. I do think that you will smash the goals you really want to achieve, you are just about the most determined person I know.

  2. Zivai Marowa Zivai Marowa

    Great post Sam! I could do some of these things in my life too! Keep them coming! 😊

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