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Workout made fun: There is power in numbers

Like they say “there’s power in numbers”. I have found this out for myself in the last few months by working out with sisters Samantha and Sandy. When you’ve got someone else with you it’s so much easier to start something new. Below are 5 reasons why two is better than one.

Workout made fun

  1. You will be motivated to workout.

There’s always going to be a day were work was so hectic that the thought of working out can make you cringe but because you have someone else dependent on you, this motivates you to look past the tiredness and push on. It’s one thing letting yourself down but it’s another letting someone else down. So once you start committing to scheduled work out sessions the rest is smooth sailing.

  1. Trying new things becomes easier

If you have thought of doing a fun run, go hiking or even, a zumba class, having someone cheer you on and next to you makes taking the first step easier. So once you have chosen the ideal buddy the rest is a fun fit coaster that you will always cherish. We have done the #Discovery947runPop-up gym SilverstarMusic RunAdidas Body Brunch just this year alone.

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  1. Helps you maintain body goals

A little healthy competition never hurt anybody and having a friend challenge you to push makes the fitness journey worth it. If you as lucky as me having a sister who is fit fanatic almost feels like you have a personal trainer.

  1. Your work outs can be fun.

The treadmill and running aren’t the most exciting ways to pass the time but with a partner,  this can be the coolest thing ever (you can even have matching outfits and all) * super nice*. Working out alone can get boring so adding a work out buddy can definitely make it worth it.


  1. Your safety comes first

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of that mini jog after work, but because it gets dark quickly having a running buddy keeps you safe because there’s always safety in numbers.

So as you explore the world of fitness, remember there aren’t any set rules on what to do, but it’s a beautiful journey and only self commitment will take you there.

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Question: Do you have a workout buddy?

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  1. I so agree with you – two is better and much fun than one! Love this post.

  2. So true! I am way more motivated when I work out with a friend or family member. It really helps to keep you going. I don’t go to gym, but I started roller derby this year and having an amazing league with so many people cheering you on and keeping your spirit up is such an amazing and liberating feeling because you feel like you can push harder.

    • Wow, Roller Derby sounds intense. Having a whole team cheer you on is even better hey.

  3. Absolutely true! Many great conversations happen when you have the “right” workout partner. I admire your dedication to fitness!

    • Thank you. The “right” partner does make a difference you dont someone who you have to encourage all the time. It’s a push and pull effect that works.

  4. Brianna Brianna

    So true- and finding a good workout buddy usually ends up being a great friendship.

  5. It is always great to work out with you two

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