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How to sleep better

As I get older I realise how much more I need my sleep and just how it’s important for me to get a good night’s sleep but it seems to be more difficult to sleep though. I’m sharing with you a few tips that I’ve tried and have found to work for me and I hope will work for you too.

Sleep is a wonderful thing…Sleep restores the body and soul….it is a vital part of being dynamic.

Make your bed room a sleep sanctuary –Create the perfect environment that will enable you to sleep well. It can be anything like sprinkling baby powder in between your sheets- you know the saying sleep like a baby well that works. Make sure the room is not too hot or too cold. Also check your sleeping position or your bed (you might need a low profile bed or firmer bed especially if you have back problems).    pexels-photo-26139

Reduce the light– Block out all the light from your bedroom by getting blackout curtains, if you’re unable to do so get an eye mask and make sure you charge your phone in another room. It will be also good to cut off your screen time early. 30 minutes before bed, if you truly have to be on your phone or computer then reduce the brightness.

Wear appropriate bed clothes- Get yourself cute loose fitting pyjamas or a nightie; just like when you exercise you make sure you have the right training gear. Socks for those of you with cold feet like mine this does come in handy.

Have a set time that you sleep– Truth is this is difficult but not impossible, when I was studying I would actually set an alarm to remind me one to start winding down and two bedtime. Now I’m used to it my body “knows” its 9 pm even if I’m out somewhere. I also recommend you determine how much sleep you actually need for you to function properly 7 to 9 hours is good place to start however we are different. You can even track your sleep with a Fitbit or even an app, there’s lots of options in the app store.       pexels-photo-129062

Take a Bath or shower before bed preferably warm water to help you to relax. To be honest I don’t always do this but when I do I feel the difference.

Use the bathroom before you go to bed. – This sounds like an obvious tip but I’ve sometimes skipped the trip to the bathroom only to wake up about an hour later. It’s annoying. If it helps stops drinking liquids earlier than you do now.      pexels-photo-364362

Question: What do you think of my list? Have I missed any tips let me know in the comment section below?

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  1. I don’t really need anything to fall asleep, but I have underestimated wearing the right clothes to bed. That and not going to the bathroom – like at night when I wake up and don’t want to get up because it’s cold, I later realise I’ve been been awake for ages.

    • The quality of sleep is more important than falling asleep which is why proper bed clothes are necessary because of the power of association. When you wear them your body automatically knows it’s time to sleep.

  2. but – there is always – just one more blog post to read. My downfall ;~)

    (That ‘we – bsit – e’ on your form below needs tweaking)

    • And the content is so amazing but it’s key to learn when to cut off screen time. I don’t look at my phone when I get in bed.

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