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Review: BounceFit by BounceInc

Disclaimer: I received free entry in exchange for a blog post. However the opinions in this post are my own, honest and not influenced by BounceInc.

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I love to jump, I have posted several photos of me jumping. Brag moment I was a high and long jump champion in school. So when it came to trying out Number 4 on my post 5 extreme but fun workouts to try out trampolining was a no-brainer. I have mentioned that I’m not afraid of heights but I am afraid of falling.



I had never been in trampoline fitness class let alone jumped on a trampoline before so when I arrived to my first class I was a little nervous and had been stuck in traffic for over 45 minutes so I was also frazzled. I got my “grip socks” and was reminded of the safety rules at the front desk. I made my way to the Bounce Fit area. Stefan and Roger were so friendly and welcoming I began to relax and soon forgot I was a beginner. Guys fun was had.

The second class was the very next day I tried the blast class and you would think I was better. Guys I saw fire which is strange because I enjoyed it and loved Bianca’s style of training firm but always safe. I worked up a sweat, learnt new moves.

Review BounceFit

What I loved
• Once I was settled in the class I loved the “hang” time in air. I really went high.
• I worked up sweat, maybe I’m doing something wrong in other exercise disciplines but I hardly work up a sweat.
• Professional and friendly staff  are always cheering you on
• Benefits of trampolining in action – One of the many benefits of trampolining is it sharpens your mind. I used my mind a lot by  having to be alert in the classes. Remembering to keep my toes pointed, jumping on the middle of the and of course following the instructions.
• Both classes that I tried out – Move and Blast. Move was high energy class with some fun buddy circuit workouts  and Blast was basically bootcamp on a trampoline but fun.

Fun fact: 10 minutes of bouncing on a trampoline is a better workout than 30 minutes of running!

10 minutes of bouncing on a trampoline is a better workout than 30 minutes of running!

The benefits
Exercising on a trampoline is more than just jumping up and down on a trampoline, it also helps with
Improving your coordination
Protecting your joints
Increase your metabolism
Helps you lose weight (one of the ladies in the class says she lost 9 kgs after attending the class for 5 weeks.)
Improves your cardiovascular health

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I recommend you carry water and a sweat towel to any of the classes because you will need them both! If you’ve never done anything like this I would suggest you  do the original class, it a combination of classes and will help you understand what to expect. I just started with move and while I handled myself well in the class, a “tutorial” type of class would have been better for my ego.


About Bounce Fit by Bounce Inc

BOUNCE FIT trampoline fitness classes offer an hour-long structured exercise regime that’s supercharged with all the benefits of rebound exercise. They have introduced three brand new, different class types, involving high-intensity, low-impact cardio workouts that will blast your core, improve all-over muscle tone and lift your heart rate! The opposite of a grueling ordeal, their classes are all about high spirits and awesome soundtracks. Most of all, it makes you smile, laugh and is great FUN!


Question: Would you try trampoline jumping? Have you done it before, how was it for you?

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