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Delightful Peep of the month- July’2017

Meet Nicole and Marisa,fitness bloggers from Wellness In the City. I first met these lovely ladies at the Adidas boosts bloggers day last year. These ladies are full of life and have fun working out. Check out what the have to say.

1. Why did you start blogging?
We saw a gap in the market for a niche South African platform acting as a health and fitness guide with honest, unbiased feedback and reviews… so we decided to combine our industry experiences and love for living active, healthy lives, by starting a blog that does more than motivate readers to workout and eat healthy, and instead inspires adventure, balance and living life outside of ones comfort zones.

2. Why did you start blogging about fitness?
Fitness has been a very important part of our lives, not necessarily to get in shape, but to challenge ourselves. Movement is a great stress reliever and helps us wake up with energy making us slightly less emo (according to our husbands). So, it felt like a natural progression to start a blog that followed our day-to-day wellness journey.

3. What is Wellness in the City all about?
It’s an aspirational health, fitness and beauty blog, which we created to inspire, encourage and motivate readers to embrace a healthier, but realistic lifestyle! We are not extreme health fanatics, but rather aspire to live balanced (as in ginger shots and champagne; chickpeas and Chuckles kind of balanced) lives whilst trying out new fitness fads, healthy foods and unique beauty products on offer both locally and internationally.

4.Who are the faces behind Wellness in the city?
We are two very passionate individuals with a mutual appreciation for green juices, tight tushes and wheat grass bushes. While Marisa runs a lifestyle PR agency representing a range of international and local consumer brands, Nicole works as an international model, often traveling abroad while curating content for our W.I.T.C readers.
While wellness is at the core of my existence, I have a slight and uncontrollable addiction to sugar, so I’m always on the hunt for healthy alternatives. I love to cook, bake and plate these creations perfectly, hence our insanely cool Instagram feed, but don’t be fooled by my petite physique, I can pack it away! I’m a typical Cancerian – never sure whether to laugh or cry. If I’m not striking a pose for work, you’ll find me surfing, dancing, travelling, munching, force-feeding friends, battling someone on the dance floor or photographing everything in sight.

I am a hyperactive half Italian, English and Afrikaans speaking, running and food obsessed Capetonian. Aside from running a PR agency by day and blogging by night, I’m a part-time endurance runner and full-time wife, house manager and mother (to the most ridiculously active puppy in town). When not chasing my tail at the office, I’m chasing trails in the mountain and trying out new fitness fads and stuffing face with my partner in wellness, mischief and epic adventures -Nicole :).

5. How did it originate?
W.I.T.C originated from us wanting to have a platform that lists all the fitness spots and healthy eateries to visit in South Africa. We found inspiration from international websites and were eager to create a site that could promote wellness brands that we resonate with as well as provide a constant source of inspiration for readers to live life to the fullest – healthy living isn’t about being boring and antisocial, but about feeling good from within and motivated to live outside your comfort zones and make the most of your little life journey, no matter how long or short it may be!

6. What healthy eating means to W.I.T.C?
We loathe diets and restricting ourselves results in emotional, hangry crazies so we really try to focus on overall well-being and incorporating healthy meals in our diet. Our love for good food keeps us motivated to move and if we feel like indulging, we definitely don’t torture ourselves! We have learnt and are still learning what works for our individual bodies (they operate very differently). Nicole has an incredibly sweet tooth and is always experimenting with new healthy recipes to curb the cravings!

7. A day in the life of W.I.T.C?
Every day is different and with Nicole being a full-time model and Marisa running Butter Knife PR, our W.I.T.C work usually happens “after hours”. OK, office hours don’t really exists in both our lines of business, but we find ourselves curating a lot of material on weekends and evenings whilst squeezing in fitness sessions and health café reviews shortly after sunrise or just before sunset.

8. What keeps you motivated?
With the blog being a passion project for us both, we are often faced with limited time to curate interesting content, so when writers block hits, we usually get a little silly and after a couple of jokes; getting lost browsing international websites; going for a good sweaty fitness sesh and literally spoon-feeding ourselves with Skinny Scoop ice cream, the creative juices slowly start flowing again.

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  1. You look like such cool ladies. I love chick peas 🙂 Great interview

  2. Very cool post and interview! I’m also a big fan of living a more balanced life and enjoying things like wine and trying new fitness trends.

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