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Event: #WellnesswithZando

Last week I was invited to attend the #WellnesswithZando event a collaboration between Wellness Warehouse and Zando. Zando is an online store more popular for its fashion items but on the day Zando was showing us that they do carry fitness ranges on their site.


We were at the Wellness Warehouse in Clearwater mall and they prepared amazing foods for us to sample. There was even a corner for massages, the store was packed with all the amazing things to get anyone on the right path from chocolate, protein powders, essential oils, teas and so much more.


Louise Pitot of Fleur de Bach Perfumes and Authentic Brands: Louise is the only eating psychology coach in South Africa (impressive) she was talking around mind/body nutrition and the importance of relaxed VS stressed eating.

I love what Louise said about relaxed eating, it really got me to think about my eating habits. While I don’t seek comfort in food (I seek it elsewhere) I don’t eat in a relaxed way. I actually tend to eat in front of the TV/computer or in a very rushed manner. I’ve even experienced shortness of breath while eating (rice and beans not a great combination)

Mark Wolff Endurance Athlete: Mark is an endurance expert and the founder of 32Gi sports nutrition. He firmly believes that an athlete can only reach their full potential once their health and nutrition is fully down packed. Marks focus is on nutrition and physiology, not just on training and racing. He places major emphasis on recovery, immune system health, emotional stability, stress management and performance.

I’ve known for a while that I need to eat better to improve my performance and Mark’s talk really highlighted what I’ve been doing wrong. Comparing the human body to a vehicle was just the right analogy for the performance and nutrition talk especially when he asked us when was the last time we had a full medical and when was the last time we took our cars in for service.

I had a great time and not only loved learning new information, sampling amazing clean foods but meeting up with other bloggers is always great. I got to meet with WisaalTebogo,NeetaCharlene and Lindi

What are your thoughts on Wellness? Do you want to learn more?

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