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Race Review: #Discovery947run

I went to the very first edition of the #Discovery947run  I had a such good time I had to share my experience.

Disclaimer: I received free entry into the #Discovery947run

Race pack collection

This is the first race I’ve had my race pack delivered to me which I must say is super convenient. Inside the race pack which was a pizza box (got me thinking about pizza) was a unisex slim fit, long-sleeved, T-shirt size extra small. (The size I chose) I was thrilled that I had the option of choosing my size and actually got it unlike the Joburg 10k City Run race where I got the wrong size.

Venue and Access

The venue was the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit and it’s about 12km away from my house. There was lots of parking provided and I didn’t struggle to get parking. It did take a while to get in the place though.


We actually got to run around the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit and it was a beautiful Sea of Orange. There were two options 1 lap around the circuit which precisely 4,7 km and 2 laps 9,4 km.  My sisters and I only did one lap.

Along the route we had some entertainment, I  really liked the drummers but the MusicRun still remains the best race of this year. We couldn’t hear the music all through out the route, just at the designated points along the route.


There were no medals a bit disappointing. I don’t know about you but I love the end of race bling-bling. It’s proof that I did something awesome. 🙂

Post Race entertainment

The best sets had to be Dj Euphonik and Vin Deysel got the crowds going. 947 and discovery really know how to throw a party. the after-party was really great.

Have you been to a night run before? 


    • Sammyjoe91 Sammyjoe91

      Yes it was a great experience, you should definitely try it.

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