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Event: #Jozimeetup- the one about working with brands

I’ve attended just about every meetup that SA mom blogs has organised since the very beginning you can check out the previous posts here,  herehere and here. I think for me this had to be the most important. My goal for my blog this year is to earn some money from it and the focus of this meetup was just that: How to work with brands.



Mike Said for Daddy Blogger was the first speaker and he was bringing in the perspective of the blogger working with the brands. I loved how Mike shared his story on how he got 80 brands to sponsor him on a trip with his daughter Sasha across the country. He had brands like Citroen come on board with him.  He shared about being authentic as a blogger and how to use your influence correctly.

Wanda Ambrosini and Krystle from Prima Baby did a demonstration of mini monkey and their other products for babies. We also had hand massages from the lovely ladies at Matsimela Home Spa.

Our next  speaker was Nicole Sparrow from Autograph PR, she was bringing the perspective of the brands and what they would want from a blogger. Having heard Nicole speak last year I knew her presentation would of great value to me. I was a little disappointed that people didn’t wait for her to complete her presentation before asking questions.

Then we had a presentation by Prima Toys, the sister company of Prima Baby with speaker  being Veruska DÓnofrio  and she shared ‘kids must play’ and of course there had to be a giveaway. I really wanted to win the Princess Sophia doll (for myself)

The final speaker was Jeanette Wentzel from Whisky Of The Week with  a whisky tasting of Bains Whisky and food pairing tips. I kinda wished I still drank alcohol.


Awesome Sponsors (Goodie Bag items)

Palladio Cosmetics, Bionike (who’s Triderm Len’Oil I look forward to trying out), Avène , Elancy, Elgydium, Prima Baby, Prima Toys and Matsimela Home Spa

I do want to say a big thank you to Heather Step of SA Mom Blogs she organised the whole event single-handedly.


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  1. I just love your honesty 🙂 Yeah people should wait with questions.

    • Sammyjoe91

      Thanks for reading, it was great seeing you there.

  2. So glad you enjoyed it and hope you keep coming to the events!

    • Sammyjoe91

      You’re welcome Heather. The events have gotten better each year and there’s always lots to look forward to.

  3. It is great always seeing you at the #Jozimeetups! Thanks for sharing my tweet! 🙂

    • Sammyjoe91

      It’s always great to see a familiar face. You’re welcome 🙂 great tweet

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