I’ve been working out from home for the last 2 years and in that time I’ve had to find a way to stay consistent with my fitness routine. I can’t afford to go to the gym at this time. Below is a list of how I’ve been able to work out from home.

Decide what form of exercise you’re going to do and get the necessary information you need; be it videos or step by step plan of a good workout routine. – I use a few resources like videos from Gillian Michaels, Bodyfit Amy even Billy Blanks and I mix up my activities with zumba, walking, yoga, kickboxing and of course dumbbells and kettle bells.

Create a space– You will need a space to workout from. I workout in front of the TV so I just move the coffee table out of the way. Having a place which you have designated as a workout area will help you focus more on your goal to exercise. I sometimes workout on the balcony.

Schedule your training time – Set an alarm in your phone, put it in your planner. Create a workout schedule (If you live with other people let them know when you will be working out so you don’t have any interruptions, you might even get encouragement). Morning workouts are great but for me working out at 5 pm immediately after work works for me. Making time for your workouts shows how much you’re willing to make it a priority.

Tell a friend or share it on social media, the reason behind this is to be held accountable. – When you know you have someone to assist you in staying consistent it makes it easier. Having someone to share your success and failures with is always great.

On the day, prepare your training gear – I normally leave my training clothes laid out on my bed when I leave for work so when I get back from work I am immediately reminded to work out before getting into my evening routine.

Review your workout and find out what worked and what didn’t so you can improve for the next time. – I find that when I review or analyse my workouts it helps me not only to see my progress but what training sessions work for me. I’ve learnt that running is not the best for me (I hate running) and while I can’t dance zumba is a great go-to workout for days when I feel lazy. I use a fitness journal which you can make for yourself and download here for free.

Do you work out from home? What is your favourite exercise? 

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