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5 extreme but fun workouts to try out

For those who know me or have been reading my blog for a while know I’m not a fan of running. Now before you get confused I do occasionally do a 5 km fun run such the music the Music Run Rock the run, Muddy princess and even parkrun, emphasis on FUN. Simply because I’m obsessed with the sense of community you feel when you go running and the fun I usually have.

The point of this blog is to find and share simple and fun workouts that are not only beneficial to you but give you a reason to keep going. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be hard. Below is my list of five extreme workouts to try out.

1. Indoor rocking climbing – this is great if you’re not afraid of heights or in my case afraid of falling.
2. Pole fitness– before you judge or dismiss pole fitness read more. The benefits of pole fitness are amazing. You probably have an image of a topless woman dancing to Black Velvet.(Lose it) Pole fitness has been around for more than 10 years and honestly I would try it actually I’ve been saying I will but my fear of falling is surprisingly a bit much. I’m not afraid of spiders. Pole fitness is actually a type of exercise that combines acrobatics, gymnastics and dance. It requires flexibility and upper body and core strength, as well as endurance. The moves include climbs, spins, inversions and limb grips, and thus is a very versatile form of exercise.
3. EMS training (Electric Muscle Stimulation).-  EMS is a total body workout with body current. In this context, it might be helpful to know that our muscles contract through electric impulses (bioelectronics) in normal state. The EMS training makes use of this effect. I think this a cheating somehow, I mean only 20 minutes of an EMS session and you’re good to go.

4. Trampolining–  hello fun says trampolining is a form of exercise which is better for you than running and many other forms of exercise and it can also be done in your own home. (Of course I’m sold on this now more than ever)

My friend Mrs X enjoying herself on the trampoline
5. CrossFit– a high-intensity fitness programme incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise.

Are there any extreme workouts that you would like to try out? have you done any on this list, how was it?


  1. Interesting blog post. I never would have known trampoline jumping is an exercise. Thanks for sharing. Pole-ing looks too difficult thank you.

    • Sammyjoe91 Sammyjoe91

      Thanks for reading, its amazing what you do with exercise 🙂

  2. I did pole fitness for a few months and boy, do people underestimate what a great workout it is!! It really tests your upper body and core strength and it’s super fun! I really enjoyed it and the only reason I stopped was to save money

    • Sammyjoe91 Sammyjoe91

      Glad you tried it. It’s a pity you had to quit, hope you get back to it.

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  4. […] CrossFit has had a bad reputation since it came out however despite all that it is a trend that as stayed. Even August’s delightful Peep Cashe does it with her son and I just had to try it out after all it was number 5 on my 5 extreme but fun workouts to try out. […]

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