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3 inexpensive beauty home remedies

I would like to thank my sister Samantha for making me fitness and wellness partner on Dumbbells and Delights. It’s been a fun journey and I look forward to getting fitter and healthier with my sister. If someone told me 5 years ago I would doing this I would laughed my bum off (lol).
Anyway back to what I have to share today. In my short journey to fitness I have realized that we need to take care of not only or bodies but our skin too.
And it’s amazing to realize that looking good doesn’t mean spending thousands but using what you have and what works for you to keep that skin radiant and healthy.

So below are a few home remedies that I have been putting to the rest in my pursuit to healthier happier me:
1. Reducing dark circles under the eyes-

For tea drinkers your going to love this(you too coffee drinker)
So instead of throwing out that rooibos tea bag after making your cup of tea here is what you will need to do
• Take out the tea bag and put in a a plate and place in the fridge for 15-20 min (plenty of to time to enjoy that cup of tea.)
• Remove tea bags from fridge squeeze out any excess liquid
• Lay down and place tea bags on your face.
• You can do this twice a week or as often as you can and you sure to reduce that puffiness underneath your eyes.

2. Exfoliating
As working young lady I sometimes forget to buy my essentials,especially since I have 3 sisters I tend to borrow(let’s call it that) facial products to use till I get my next supply.But most recently I discovered that with exfoliation there’s another option when you run out.
Here is what you will need
• Mealie meal
• Sugar
• A lemon
So now that you have the above here is what you will do
• Wash your face with warm soapy water
• Make a paste with the mealie meal and sugar in a cup or saucer and apply to face
• Gently Scrub with the finger tips
• Wash your face and remove realize paste
• Pat dry face and rub some lemon
• Once your done you can use moisturiser of your choice.

This method I found to to effective to open up those pores and remove any dead skin
I’m still on the this journey of discovery what works for me because I have discovered that I have oily skin (really oily).
3. Hydrating
• Now this is very effective
• Drinking at least 8 glasses a day will help rid the body and skin of toxins.
• So what I have found easy a to always have 750 ml bottle (easy to carry for those afternoon walks) and re-fill once it’s empty. This makes it easy and reduces the number of trips to the kitchen especially when your at work.
• So lastly drinking an adequate amount of water daily is important for overall good health because water aids in digestion, circulation, absorption and even excretion.
Looking and feeling good go well together and you can have one without the other and who says you have to spend lots of money to look good.

The key is to find what works for you and going with it because at the end of the day not everything work for everyone.
So as I discover these new home beauty remedies I will definitely be sharing them.
So next month we will continue looking into how to look after our skin without spending more than we can afford.

What home beauty remedies do you use? 

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